My Wife's Chastity Belt

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A short time ago we received the chastity belt for my wife. It is a belt of the "La Ceinture de Chastete" - type (William Jones) with a secondary shield that can be installed optionally. In my opinion the belt fits very good - not too loose and not too tight. And it looks very erotic. It is nice to see her labia lips protruding the slit of the front shield. But when the belt is locked on her, no penis and no dildo can penetrate her.

For my wife it was the first time that she was locked into a stainless steel chastity belt. Before we sometimes had played with leather chastity devices or corsets. But the feelings she had when wearing this belt the first time were different from the feelings she had before. Mostly she was irritated by the rigid waist band. And in total she was not sure if she would ever accept to wear this device for more than a few hours.

So we decided to start a training phase. First I locked the belt on her only in the evenings when the amount of movement is not so high. We started with one hour and increased the time every day by one hour. Up to 3...4 hours she had no real problems, except that she didn't like the belt at all. After putting off the belt one could see on her skin where it had been, especially above the hipbones. But there were no serious problems with chaffing.

The first real problems occurred when she had to pee with the belt locked on. She didn't want to do that and begged me to put the belt off for a short time as we had done it with the leather chastity devices before. But I didn't. And so the time came when it was impossible for her to stay on without to pee. She was very angry about how messy it was, because not all of the urine was running through the slit. A part of it was running between the front shield an her body and it was nearly impossible to clean this comlpetely.

The day after this urination problem she didn't want to go on with the belt training. I accepted this and spoke no word about the belt in the following days. After three days without the belt she decided to go on with the training and she wanted to have locked on the belt for the whole night.

The first night with the belt locked on was terrible for her, because she couldn't sleep in the position she normally does. But the second night was better and in the third night she woke up only one time. The maximun time she was locked was between 12 and 14 hours.

Now we have started the belt training at day times. When I am not at home, my wife can decide when she locks the belt on her. But when she has done it, she can't be unlocked before I come back in the evening, because I have the keys. We intend to go on this way for the next two weeks. After that she will be locked into the belt for a minimum of 24 hours. Our target for future is, to lock her continuously for one week or more when I am on a business trip.

One reason to order a steel chastity belt for her was to stop her masturbation. I think that this chastity belt makes masturbation not completely impossible. But it makes it very uncomfortable for her. Normally she masturbates by putting down one hand between her legs and rubbing her clit. With the belt locked this doesn't work. She can touch her labia lips, but this is not sufficient for her to get an orgasm. It may be possible that she can get an orgasm by stimulation with a dildo from the front side. With the secondary shield locked on, I think, this is also nearly impossible. But with the secondary shield locked on, there are much more problems with hygiene. So she does not like this additional device.

But I think there is one possibility for her to get an orgasm. When she is laying on the back the belt is a little bit loose at the front. And it is possible for me to put my hand between the front shield and her body. For me it is not possible to reach her clit with my fingers. But she has smaller fingers, and when she spreads her legs it may be possible for her to stimulate her clit.

Up to now my wife didn't tell me if she had tried to get an orgasm with the belt locked on. And I am not sure if she will tell me when she is successful.

Before ordering the belt we had discussed about ordering the additional thigh bands. But this she didn't accept because they would reduce her freedom of movement too much and because it would not be possible for her to wear jeans with these bands locked on.

There are some questions left:

The problem with urination is not solved for us. Has someone ideas how to handle the hygiene problems for more than one day ?

How long does it take to accept the tightness of the waistband ?

Does someone know if it is possible for a woman to get an orgasm with the belt locked on ? If yes, how is it done ?

How do other women feel when wearing a chastity belt for more than some hours ? Is there a woman on the list that wears her belt for longer times ?

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