Chastity Belt Makes Sex Better

Submitted by: Andy

Hi Altairboy:

I am a frequent visitor to your pages and think you do a great job. Very informative and entertaining. Thanks.

My fiancee and I have been into B&D since we met and have a fantastic relationship. I have been the Dom for the most part, with a few reversals from time to time. A few weeks ago, after a rough day, I asked her if she would "take charge" for the evening. She gladly agreed and we were off for an evening of play and fun. We were browsing the web, came across your site, and conversation started. She knows that I have a very high sex drive and from time to time play with myself. She said she would like to get one on the belts for me. I immediately got excited and our adventure was started.

Since I am very good with metal and have a pretty complete shop, she told me to make a belt similar to the Walter Goethals design. I will buy one of his belts, but we were not content to wait 2-3 months for delivery. After a few design changes and adjustments, my belt was finished. It fit well, and was comfortable enough. The first day I wore it for 7 hours and had no problems. She teased me, played, and had a lot of fun. That night we had the best sex ever (after she released me, of course).

The next day we repeated the events and it was just as good. She commented how intense our sex was since she had been locking me up. This time, right after sex, she put the belt back on me and went to sleep. I was a bit surprised, and got excited again. I asked her for another round, and she said "nope. good night love". I didn't get a lot of sleep that night, being excited with no way of a release.

In the morning she took the belt off, we showered, and off to work. I should explain that we work together, in a company that I own. During the day she came into my office and saw me looking at your page again. She smiled and said "later on love".

She had brought the belt in a bag and toward the end of the day put the bag on my desk and told me to go put it on. I did, then left for home. She called me on my cell phone and told me to stop and get dinner. She picked a place that I would have to go in to get the food. I did, and we met at home and spent the evening in our new found way, both enjoying it very much.

Again, right after sex the belt went back on, and stayed for the night. In the morning I woke first. I rolled over and asked her for the key. She smiled and said "later on, if you're good". I was very surprised as she laid out my work cloths and told me to get dressed. I was sure she would take the belt off before I left the house. I was wrong.

It is 7:30 am and I am sitting at my desk. I am locked securely in my belt, and it looks as though I am going to be in it all day. This is a new experience for me, and a very exciting one. I'm, just not used to not being able to do anything about it.

She did tell me before I left that I should get used to the belt, and it would only be removed for showering and sex. I thought she was kidding, but I'm not so sure now... :)

The next few days should prove very interesting.

You may use this note on your site, if you like. Thanks again (i think) for your fantastic website.

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