Cheap and easy Chastity Device

Submitted by: Norbert

Hi Altairboy,

This is the long ago (Feb 7) promised drawing of a cheap and easy to make device.

film canister

It is made out of one of those little plastic boxes they sell films in. The bottom is cut out leaving a small rim. Then the bottleneck is formed with some modelling plastic that is hardened by the application of heat i.e. immersing into boiling water.

Also there are two view of the ring I use with this device. It is C-shaped and the ends are bent to form eyelets for wearing comfort. The open part leaves the urethra free. The sizes of bottleneck and ring have to be chosen to fit the individual. The lid could be sealed in the depicted way to prevent unauthorized and unnoticed opening.

To wear it you insert your penis from the bottleneck end until your glans comes out the other end far enough to place the ring behind the glans. Doing this your foreskin is pulled back (if you have one). After inserting the ring you let your glans settle into the box and close the lid.

What it does:
-prevents intercourse
-cannot be taken off without first removing the ring (at least I can't)
-if you could take it off, there is no way to reinstall it
-acts as a reminder that you are under control
-is sort of an obstacle against masturbation, makes the work harder
-if you ejaculate within this device, traces will be hard to clear

kind regards

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