Andy Gets Ready to Make Belt More Permanent

Submitted by: Andy

Hi Aaltairboy:

Here is an update on things here and our plans. Hope all is well with you.

It is January 5th and I have been secured in a chastity belt since November 8th, 1997. I have become quite used to the constant presence of the belt and have grown to like wearing it. I had a brief reprieve on Christmas day, for about 5 hours. My wife gave me the key as a present.

We took the belt off for the first time in 47 days. I sort of expected some adverse effects on my member, but there were none. My wife keeps the inside of the penis tube lubricated through a small fitting. Vaseline is pushed through a grease type fitting and fills the tube. She does this once a week or so.

After long discussion, we have decided to make the belt a part of our life on a more permanent basis. This weekend, she will remove the belt and I will drill holes to accommodate pop rivets. She has requested at least 10 holes to insure that it will take quite an effort to remove the rivets. The belt now locks in front, but I will silver solder the front latch closed and fix a plate so the rivets can be added in the rear. Since the belt is lines with rubber, the rivets can be installed and "popped" without protruding through the rubber lining. The purpose in putting them in back is to prevent tampering.

My belt has an edging of 1/4" stainless bar, soldered onto each edge of the waistband. This makes the edges smoother and also makes it very impossible to cut off. Once the rivets are installed, the belt can only be removed by drilling each rivet out. Not an easy task when they are located in the small of your back.

We are planning a nice dinner out with some friends who also play. They will be joining us when the belt is installed, as my wife does not have the strength to pop the rivets by herself.

We have decided that six months will be a good period. After that time, the rivets will be drilled our and I will have a reprieve for a while. We are going on a cruise to Bermuda for our anniversary the end of June. She will take the rivets out a few days before we leave, then back into the belt when we get back.

My belt is a home made device similar to a Goethals belt. The main differences are in the waist band and the crotch piece. The waist band is thicker and more form fitting. It has round edged on it which are made from stainless bar stock. The crotch piece is simply a bar of 1/4" stainless. It passes right between the cheeks and is attached to the waist band in the back with a swivel joint. The bat is invisible and I do not even know it is there. Defecation is easy and the feces breaks up and passes around the bar easily. It does take a wad of toilet paper, but cleanup is extremely easy.

I have had absolutely no long term adverse effects or pain from wearing the belt for 47 days straight. It looks as though the long term test will be from January 11th to June 25th, a period of 165 days. I'll keep you posted...


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