Home Built CB Maker Seeks Correspondence

Submitted by: Mikey

Hi Altairboy

I am based near London (UK) and would like to correspond with and perhaps meet with a local couple in which the man uses a chastity belt under control of his wife/girlfriend. I am based near London (UK) and I was hoping you could post this along with my email address. I look forward to any emails

nt91226.jpg Here is a photograph of a CB i am in the process of building. It is a cross between Jones and Goethals design. As you can see it is not finished. I am using tape and tags and so on to get the fit and design right. So far it feels very comfortable and secure. I have some ideas for the penis encasement but any ideas will be appreciated. As ever comfort and security and the important things. I also sit a lot at work so I dont want something that will damage the seat of my pants.


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