Fifteen Years Locked in Chastity Belt

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The following represents my experiences with both chastity and pain. Sometimes things get started and get out of hand. I hope you appreciate it.

The Beginning

I thought your readers might want to hear of a real life experience with a chastity belt that is still going on.

My wife and I have been married for 21 years and for the last 15 years I have been locked in a chastity belt with her holding the only keys. This began when I gave my wife a locking cage so she would not worry when I was out of town (which was often). We upgraded the gage to a stainless steal, full-fledged belt, twelve years ago. At that time it cost $300 and I have heard they are considerably more expensive today.

Until about seven years ago I was allowed some escape from my confinement when she was in the mood. Those times became fewer and fewer over the next couple of years. Then, on my 50th birthday, almost six years ago, she told me she was going to give me a retirement present I would never forget. I told her I still had 15+ years to go before I retired and she was a little early.

She answered my by saying, "You won't get unlocked until that party and I'm sure you will feel it the greatest present in the world by then".

With my birthday coming up soon, it will be six years since I have been released and have nine more to go. The funny thing is that although I get quite horny servicing her with my hands and mouth, I love her as much today as when we were married. I guess I am submissive and don't mind her being in charge of my private parts.

One thing does come from wearing a foolproof chastity belt, many embarrassing moments.

For those who want to explore a life of chastity, be prepared for the following.

And just to add a few more, in the name of "good natured fun".

Finally, some of the one liners I now get consistently.

The only saving grace comes next month when her belt arrives. We have decided that what's good for the gander is also good for the goose, after much argument. What she doesn't know is that I have planned a "locking on" ceremony in our family room and have invited everyone who knows about my belt. Should be 10-12 people attending. I also plan on taking a vote as to whether I should have hairbrush application rights also and if a demonstration is in order.

For all of this we have a good marriage, even if it does appear kinky to some, and I wouldn't change it for the world. For those who haven't tried forced chastity, you will never know how close two people can become in ways other than sex.

If it were up to me, I would pass a law that made all people getting married exchange keys as well as rings at the marriage ceremony.

Hope you find this interesting.

Both belted

My wife's belt arrived and fit like a glove. Form the outside it appears exactly like the one I wear; a steel waistband with a shield that drops from the front and is attached to the back of the belt with two strong steel chains. Like mine the lock is on the front and constructed so that it cannot even be cut off. The locking pins on the belt prevent any lateral movement of the shield insuring that the ability to play with or insert anything into her private parts is impossible.

Unlike my belt, that contains an internal tube to encase my penis, hers has a slit about bout three eighths of an inch wide to allow her to urinate without removing the device. Both belts are lined on the inside with neoprene rubber that allows for extended wear without undo discomfort.

On the day it arrived she told me that she wanted one more oral licking before she was locked up. After she was satisfied the belt was locked on. Ann didn't say much for almost a week. She then began to express a desire for release. Her reason was that the small slit in the front constantly made it feel as though someone was playing, ever so gently, with her and causing her to become aroused.

Since I have been encased in my tube, and have had years of being in a state of partial erection, her complaints fell upon deaf ears.

The following weekend I invited her sisters over for dinner and her grand unveiling. Ann got the same treatment from them that had been given to me when they discovered my enforced chastity. After dinner we all assembled in the front room. I went into the bedroom with Ann. I had her put on a short top and made sure that that was all she had on, other than the belt, when we entered the front room. She was beet red with embarrassment as she walked in. The in-laws were quite pleased with her new attire.

"Seems fair", was the most common comment.

I didn't have to say anything for the second part of my day to occur. All four of her sisters and the one sister-in law brought up the subject of the hairbrush. Ann complained loudly that she didn't agree to being spanked, especially in front of everyone in the room. Everyone seemed to agree that since I had received many a well tanned backside to go along with my chastity belt the rules for both of us should be the same.

Finally, Joey made the suggestion that won the day. "John has been locked up for six years. At fifty two weeks a year I think that three hundred and twelve smacks with the hairbrush would be appropriate, one for each week." Ann blanched.

They wanted to see a good old fashioned, over the knee spanking, and would not stop until they got to see what they were after. Joey finally got Ann to agree to letting me paddle her backside by explaining that if she didn't let me do it they would each take a turn at giving her 100 each until I finally gave her final dose. With no way out she was soon draped over my knee, in the middle of the room, with her cute little bottom perfectly positioned for what was to come.

Smack, I applied the brush. Ann's bottom jumped but she did not move. After only fifteen to twenty smacks Ann was wiggling off my lap and reaching back with her hands to rub out the sting in her bottom. Two sisters, the oldest (Linda and Sue) immediately came to my assistance. Then helped Ann, or forced her depending upon your view, back across my lap. One seated herself by Ann's legs while the other sat near her hands. Both then grabbed Ann preventing any further movement or escape.

By the time I reached one hundred Ann was balling like a baby. She had quit begging me to stop, or if she was still trying to say something it was unintelligible. I suggested that she couldn't stand the whole dose but was roundly overruled. As Ann's bottom went from bright red to deep shades of purple she lost control and wet all over my lap. I gave her the entire agreed upon number of hairbrush spanks and felt sorry for her at the end. She said she felt sorry for her end also.

When it was over Ann was coaxed into trying to sit down and found she really couldn't. As a matter of fact she didn't sit down again for two days and then used a soft pillow for a couple of more days.

In-Laws Take over

Ann was so sore that she spent the rest of the day bottomless. As the afternoon went on everyone could see her bottom darken as the follow on effects of the hairbrush began to take its toll. I had concentrated on the lower part of her bottom where most of her weight would rest if she tried to sit and you could see it puff up as time went by.

I knew how she felt.

The topic of conversation moved to the chastity agreement we had made. With one person locked up and the other owning the key, forced chastity would work. However, if both parties were locked up and had each other's key it was felt that an agreement would be made to accommodate mutual relief. Since we had started our agreement it was decided that neither of us could be trusted with either key. It was decided that the in-laws would keep all of the keys to keep temptation away.

All of the girls and their husbands delighted in our plight. The frustration of both of us being locked up seems to give them a charge. They had always enjoyed seeing how they could say or do something that would cause me to become more frustrated. To finish off the afternoon they produced a small padlock and locked Ann and I together with the D rings that were attached to the front of our belts. With her top off, and me now naked also, we were locked face to face with our bodies touching everywhere except where the chastity belts made it impossible.

Ann's breasts rubbed against my chest and our thighs continually made contact. Even with her sore bottom it was apparent that she was getting excited. Blood flowed to my penis as it attempted to become hard and engorged only to be stopped by the tube into which it was imprisoned. After a few hours of watching us grow more and more horny and frustrated we were finally unlocked, the fun was over.

The last major topic of conversation concerned the effects that would, and may already have, result in my lack of use of my sexual organ. When I admitted that I hadn't even had a wet dream in over a year and usually kept even the thought of sex out of my mind the old phrase "use it or lose it" gained new meaning. Ann, being a female, did not have the same problem. Before leaving they all said they would try to come up with a solution that would make sure I didn't "lose it".

The Solution

A couple of weeks later her sisters invited themselves over with a promise that they had come up with a solution.

Arriving early Saturday morning they brought over a bench they said would solve the problem with which I was faced.

Shaped like a sawhorse, it was obvious that they had constructed a punishment bench. It was made of heavy wood and took three of us to get it out of the back of the pickup and into the family room. The top was padded and it was at a perfect height for me to bend at the waist and have my upper body lay flat across the top. At the base where my feet would rest were leather cuffs which could secure my ankles. Another larger strap was affixed so that it could be tightened across the small of the back and keeps one from moving. Finally, a device was produced that would allow my arms to be tightened across my back. At the end where my legs would be locked was a U shaped cutout that would allow my penis and balls to hang unfettered.

It was decided to put it to use immediately.

I stripped of everything but the belt. Next my arms were tied behind by back preventing any use and insuring that I couldn't rebel against what was to come next.

My chastity belt was removed and for the first time in years I was free, although I couldn't do anything about gaining relief with my arms secured as they were. Next I was led to the bench, my feet were secured at the bottom, I was bent over the end and the strap on top was tightened to prevent any movement. The position was actually not that uncomfortable and I learned that it was made that way on purpose so they would have plenty of time to do what they wanted.

One of the girls said, "let's see of that thing of his can still get hard". With that she pulled up a chair, reached up from the bottom of the U shaped notch and began to play with me. As they suspected, the prolonged period of inactivity had had an effect. Nothing happened! The girls spent time massaging my genitals, bottom and any other area they could reach relaxing me and finally causing a full erection, the first one in years. As soon as they sensed that I was close to coming they stopped. I was now twitching hoping that I would get relief and making quite a sight of myself.

"Ann, how is your bottom"? Sue asked.

"Fine, why do you ask? She answered.

"It seems to me that John is ready to come and you could both discourage that feeling and get a little even for the hairbrush you got a couple of weeks ago".

Ann jumped at the chance. They agreed that for the next few hours they would take turns getting me hard and Ann would soften me up with the hairbrush. As much as I wanted to come, my mind went away from my penis and onto the pain in my bottom as she applied the hairbrush with gusto. The first time it took about seventy-five applications of the brush before I was again limp. If you haven't been spanked with a hairbrush you have no idea how much pain it can inflict. I long ago quit trying to remain stoic and just accept it, I bawl and cry just like anyone else would.

Each of the girls took her turn at getting me hard and Ann applied the hairbrush every time it happened. I couldn't take any more and couldn't do anything about it. Finally, Joey said that it was time for the grand finale. She got me hard one more time and attached a suction device to my penis, she said it was like a milking machine used to milk cows but sized to fit a man's penis. She asked me if I really wanted to come and I begged her to do it.

"Don't be too sure this is what you want", she said as she attached the device and turned on the small motor.

I came in a matter of moments. A great sense of relief swept over me. My bottom was on fire and I was drained physically. My whole body seemed to go limp.

Joey came over. "How do you feel now", she asked.

"Wonderful", I replied.

"We'll see how you feel in about thirty minutes". she said. After ejaculating my penis wanted to go limp and relax. The machine wouldn't let it. It was milking me. My penis was being rubbed raw and the pain even made me forget about by bottom. That thirty minutes was pure hell.

After my time on the machine was up it was decided that I needed one more experience with the hairbrush for having been a "bad boy" and reaching climax. Ann applied the brush another 312 times before I was allowed up. Before my arms were unfastened the chastity belt was attached and locked on.

Like Ann, two weeks ago, I couldn't sit down for a couple of days. My bottom was so sore that I didn't even wear pants for almost a day. To finish off the day, Ann and I were again locked together, but this time my back D ring was attached to her front D ring. Ann's body rubbed against my extremely sore bottom every time either of us moved and she made sure she moved often.

There was one more thing to do. After determining that Ann no longer menstruated, her hands were secured as mine had been, her chastity belt was removed and a dildo inserted. Her belt was then locked back on. They said that they would ease Ann's predicament in a week but wanted to make sure she was as uncomfortable being filled up as my raw penis would be in its tube.

As the in-laws left they suggested that we repeat this process at least monthly to insure that I will be able to function on by 65th birthday.

(to be continued)

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