Preparation for and a Description of my Mother-in-Law's First Weekend

FICTION by: anonymous husband/servant/slave

Continued from The end of Bachelorhood

The very next weekend after my wonderful honeymoon with my beautiful, yet very devious and in control wife, I was summoned to my mother-in-law's home for the entire weekend to be at her beck and call. She called my wife Tuesday morning when we arrived back from the short honeymoon. In four days, I would be at my bitch mother-in-law's control-physically, sexually, and emotionally. What would I do to prepare myself for this terrible experience? My mischievous wife thought that putting down the rules of my slave status and chastity would be a good start to help prepare me.

First, I was given the rules of chastity, which include, among many other things, that I am only allowed to have an orgasm every three months, provided that I haven't been given more than a total of 5 demerits. Any woman whom I may serve has the power to assign me 1 demerit for any misbehavior, hesitancy in obeying, lapse in smile and sweet disposition, or for any arguing, back talking, or attitude I might develop. In other words, I have to be completely cheerful and unconditionally and promptly obedient. Additionally, the demerits assigned are completely at the discretion of the assignor, and she doesn't have to give any documentation or reason as to why she assigns the demerit(s). If I challenged the demerit(s) in any way, verbally, through body gestures, or through attitude, 10 demerits will automatically be assessed. When demerits are assessed, I must smile and sweetly say "thank you ma'am."

If 5 demerits are assessed, I am denied relief for an additional three months. For each demerit above 5, I am denied relief for one month per point. In the case of arguing or challenging the assignment of a demerit(s), I would automatically be assigned 10 demerits, which would mean 8 months of additional chastity.

I am made to wear the chastity belt 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for two cleanings per week. Never again will I be allowed to see or touch my cock. She will chain my hands above my head in the shower, blindfold me, and then remove the belt for cleaning. She would probably make me kiss my friend good-bye, if it were anatomically possible.

Second, she put me on the female diet, which she said I would follow for the rest of my life. This diet includes no caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, fatty foods, fried foods, candy, meat, or anything that is considered fat or unhealthy in nature. I will be restricted to 500 calories a day until I achieve a 24 inch waist, and then 800 calories a day thereafter forever. Aerobics in full female leotard will be a daily activity, as well. I will become a thin, feminine male-lesbian who is also bi-sexual when ordered for my humiliation and her entertainment.

Third, she took all my activities away-no golf, country club, television, computer, telephone, or privacy. Since my time will be spent cleaning the house, grocery shopping, servicing and waiting on my wife, hand and foot, as well as serving her mother and the bridesmaids, I won't have time for my hobbies and interests anymore.

Finally, I am to keep my quickly reducing in size body completely shaven at all times. Additionally, I will be maid to start taking female hormones to ensure that my disposition will be sweet and contain a feminine empathy and expressiveness about it. My female gestures, walking, bending, kneeling, and sitting will be improved through constant rigorous training by my wife, her mother, bridesmaids, and friends, as she chooses and directs. One friend might teach me high-heel walking, turning, sitting, kneeling, etc..while another friend might teach me feminine gestures and facial expressions for opening and closing salutations. Yet, another friend might teach me how to answer the telephone and hold a conversation on it in an extremely feminine and cheerful manner. My wife will teach me the experience of a monthly period through 50/50 mixtures of dishwashing liquid and warm water through an enema.

With these rules to start me off, I was then told to start practicing "being nice" and shave completely. When I finished shaving, my wife maid me slip into mini-dress and high- heels to get me used to the clothing. I would also be maid to wear a permanent toe ring on each second toe, and I would be maid to wear a permanent waist chain, once my waist is 24 inches in diameter. Talk about no cheating on my diet. That would hurt. Of course, I can never theoretically gain more than five pounds, as the waist chain and chastity belt will not allow such weight deviations. I won't have to worry about that, though; because she tells me that I will be weighed each morning. If I gain one pound or more, I will be assigned a demerit for each pound gained and placed on a starvation diet until the proper weight is again achieved.

Friday evening arrived, and my wife helped me get dressed in my French maid's outfit with 4 inch heels with locking straps to prepare for my "get to know each other" weekend with my new mother-in-law. It would be just the two of us, talking as if a new daughter- in-law and her mother-in-law might would, except that my mother-in-law would be gloating and smirking and rubbing it in that she is in complete control of my marriage- in all decisions made about everything; that is, church attendance; church programs and activities; civic activities; home buying; home decoration; vehicle purchases; meals; children; child rearing; friends; and everything!!!-And me, sexually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She did this gloating between my cleanings and chores in her house, which I would be maid to keep spotless, on these weekends and during the week, regardless of my schedule.

All of this was achieved through chastity, which was enforced through blackmail. I had no way out. My mother-in-law only laid down the law and got her house spotless during my first weekend of service. Other services would be rendered later. This is not the married life I ever expected, and there is no way out.

My wife, my mother-in-law, and each bridesmaid, as well as ten other unnamed "trustee" friends all have a copy of the video and pictures, with instructions of what to do with them should I break service. Because my wife also has hard criminal evidence of my embezzling over 3 million dollars from a company-a hard copy of this evidence is distributed in the same manner in which the bachelor tape is distributed-I also know that I will go to prison for many, many years if I get out of line. My wife, by the way, has possession of all the money, and she has maid me sign over all my property to an offshore trust, which she solely and secretly controls. How do you think she got me to give that guy a blowjob at the bachelor party?

Well, I guess I will have to learn to enjoy the adventures she plans ahead, work hard to get my quarterly relief sessions, and be thankful that she still allows to stay in the mansion, even though I used to own it and now only clean it.

I'll have to tell you about subsequent mother-in-law weekends while serving in chastity, and, in the future, I will tell you about the wedding that followed the bachelor party and preceded the wonderful honeymoon. Bye for now.

Anonymous Feminized Husband/Servant/Slave

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