The ChastiLock Plus

Submitted by: Anonymous

Some time ago, my wife said she had a fantasy about me greeting guests in the nude with the chastilock in place.

nt91118.jpg Since my last writing you, the chastilock has been improved. It might be called the "chastilock plus". In the photo, the the lock is inverted with a half handcuff around my balls, all securely locked to a chain that is locked to a ring on the floor. I am also wearing leg irons locked to the floor. The chain is only long enough that I must stand with my legs slightly bent.

Well, she arranged for her fantasy to come true. A two hour party, with me the center of attraction. I was nude, still able to drink, eat the food, but the guests had to come to me. They did!!

Amazingly enough I was able to have normal conversations with some of our old friends.

We even discussed how much our sex life had improved since the lock. Only once was I asked if I copuld masturbate. Then my wife insisted I attempt to demonstrate. Needless to say, I could not.

Then with everyone standing around I explained how with my wife controlling my release apparently my testostarone level rose to the degree that viagra was not even a consideration. When asked if I could get an erection I explained the restrictive clasp of the lock made it very uncomfortable, even painful so I learned through this negative feedback how to manage my urges. I also blew some minds when I stated how tremendously erotic it is to place your sexuality in your wife's hands. I also told just how the swaying of the lock as you walk is a constant reminder of your supressed sexuality.

My wife demonstrated how easy it was to remove and install. She released the downward restarint chain and I was free to walk about.

Although somewhat humbling it was interesting, especially the fact that we were asked if we could produce another 25 locks.

After the party she released my penis and we enoyed some heavy "horizontal jogging".

Then after a shower back in the lock again and sleep.

It is erotic as all hell to trust your sexuality to your lover or wife. I believe she's stimulated by the mere fact that she controls all, and I am her sexual toy. Ironic because for the first 15 years of our marriage it was the other way around - she served me at my whim.


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