Home Made Chastity Devices

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I love your site, and have been reading EVERYTHING on it for over a year. I have built several cb's with varying success.

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My first was a simple KTB. It's made from aluminum siding. The spikes are actually heavy duty staples (24 of them), inserted through a heavy piece of rubber insulation material. The staples are 3/16 inches each. When locked on, there is only 1 1/8 inch across. To make the KTB more severe, I've used 1/4, 5/16 or 3/8 inch staples. It is quite comfortable, as long as I don't get any erotic ideas. Although this is no record, I've worn this for 14 hours straight. I cannot remove it, and masturbation is out of the question, due to the pain (believe me, I have TRIED ..... and tried ..... and tried)

nt91116d.jpg nt91116e.jpg
The second cb is made from the same aluminum material, and is based on the 'cock cage' idea. A ring is place in back of my balls, and the cage is locked on. For comfort sake, I have coated the ring with the plastic material used to coat the handles of tools. This plastic dries and adheres to the aluminum. The aluminum pieces of the ring are held together with GOOP. Both the GOOP and coating material is available at home/hardware stores.

Without bragging, my erect cock is almost 7" long and 5 inches around. The actual length of the cage is ONLY 2 3/4 inches, and the opening is 1 1/4 inches. Quit a confined space.

Both are completely washable, and pose no bathroom restrictions. Both are heavenly to use. Just the thought of NOT having control of my penis turns me on. Now, if I could just get my boyfriend of 22 years to play more games using them.


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