Johnny's J Tube

Submitted by: Johnny

Hello Altairboy,

There's life in us oldies yet! I am just 68, live in the UK, and have been happily married for over 40 years, but my wife has never found out about my long-standing interest in CBs and related activities. This means I am into DIY only when I am not likely to be disturbed. .

Joining the Internet has proved very exciting. I have read the reports on home-made CBs avidly and have recently started to wear a CB for several hours most days.

A visit to the hardware store produced an "S Trap" (two J tubes with connecting collars). Using your idea, I have made two versions: one like yours with chains (except that there are two at the back in PVC tubes) and the other with a nylon self-locking cable tie round the back of the scrotum. This passes through two small holes, one each side of the tube. The tie is fed through one hole alongside the penis, round the scrotum and back though the other where it is held by another tie (usually an off-cut from previous use). The ends of the ties are then cut off. The heads of the ties are too large to go through the holes. It is more comfortable to cover the tie with a PVC tube. It needs to be fairly tight so that the CB cannot be removed without cutting the tie. Ties are very cheap but need good snips to cut them and there's no other way out! The whole device is light, and, being plastic, does not rust or show in a security check.

A stocking is essential to put the CB on and as it must pass through nearly 180 degrees in the J, it helps if the tube is lightly sprayed with talc. Both versions have proved fairly comfortable, but sitting down on an upright chair needs care. I have heated the bottom ends enough to close the tube to a fishtail, with a slot just wide enough to use the stocking, and this prevents any touching. The curve of the tube also nicely holds my balls, just like the pictures in your report.

A further aid to comfort is to wear a ladies Pantie Girdle (firm control - about 2 sizes smaller than my waist measurement). This gives a lovely feeling of security. You have to sit on the toilet in a J Tube anyway. I have drilled a ¼ inch hole at the bottom of the tube for drainage, but a pantie liner is recommended as it is difficult to ensure it is completely empty. The outfit is undetectable under quite tight clothing - indeed the girdle acts as a "cache sexe" as the tube is held neatly between the legs. The longest I have worn it so far is about 10 hours. I feel confident about 24 hours or more when circumstances permit, but it may need to be taken off briefly for washing. However, wearing it in the bath or shower is a very pleasant sensation. I'm looking for ways to make it still more comfortable for long-term use.


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