Home Improvements to Female Tollyboy

Submitted by: Ruth & Joe

Hi Altairboy,

Since we last wrote, Ruth has frequently used her adjusted belt, and I've made some accessories for her that have increased the range of play possibilities.

First, due to the cylinder security lock of the Tollyboy belt, it was impossible for Ruth to put the belt on without the key. Ruth is quite into self-bondage, and this was a drawback as she liked the idea of immediate self-imprisonment in the belt on her own whim, where she could only be released by me when I decided she should be. (A parallel thread to this is a game Ruth really is keen on - wearing the belt surreptitiously for as long as possible without me noticing, and then when I do, both of us 'ignoring' it as long as possible and carrying on as normal - which can get rather difficult!)

nt91017c.jpg nt91017d.jpg

I came up with the solution of a 'disableable' key. The brass cylinder of the key was easily drilled through its diameter so that it had two 4.5mm holes on either side, close to the toothed indentations that operate the lock. Ruth can now be left with the belt, the modified key, and a small, high-quality padlock with an open hasp and no key - the only key to this is kept on my key bunch. Ruth can fit the belt, pass the hasp of the padlock through the holes in her key, and 'disable' it by clicking the padlock shut. The padlock hasp passing through the key prevents it fitting in the lock of the belt - Ruth can only release herself when I 'enable' her key by removing the padlock. This simple modification to Ruth's key has been used numerous times now, and always very successfully.

Secondly, we ordered a charmingly named 'Vaginal Plug' from Tollyboy to fit Ruth's belt on purchase. This was exactly as described - a smooth nylon torpedo with a mushroom-ended stem that locates in the shield-slit so it cannot be removed whilst the belt is worn. Well, it all works, but Ruth assures me it's bloody uncomfortable.

The inflexibility of the plug, plus the long stem which sticks out of the shield more than an inch, make it tolerable only when standing. If Ruth walks about wearing the belt fitted with the plug, there's a high chance that some part of her labia will get badly nipped between an edge of the shield-slit and the plug stem - not our sort of fun.

I've since made two inserts for Ruth. One from a hard red rubber doggie chew, which had two studded balls, one solid, one with a rattle inside, separated by a bar about 2 inches long, and another from a realistic, wide and very flexible dildo. Both were cut to length, the doggie chew having almost all of the rattle end removed, and the dildo trimmed to just under 6 1/2 inches long. Both have a round rubber 'skirt' attached at the base with marine superglue to prevent the labia getting anywhere they could get trapped. The inserts secure to the front shield slit using a stainless steel mushroom headed bolt superglued in a drilling in each base.

nt91017a.jpg nt91017b.jpg

These inserts have different effects. The internal movement of the red one when walking makes Ruth uncomfortably wet in a very short time, which limits its use to being an imposed discipline tool. The dildo one is much more comfortable - Ruth has used it many times in her self-imprisonment games...

Anyway, hope the pictures fill in the gaps between the words,

Ruth & Joe.

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