My Experience with Extremely Low Budget KTB

Submitted by: Jeff

Hi Altairboy:

Please keep my name and address confidential.

I am still trying to work out my marital relationship. Masturbation has negative consequences on the quality of lovemaking with my wife as well as attitudes and attentiveness. Our marriage is not open enough to accommodate chastity devices besides my belief that belts become the focus rather than the relationship. I am still faced with the dilemma of compulsive masturbation. Self control has only once led to a period of 10 days without it followed by a rapid fall back into excessive masturbating. I have also achieved 7-10 days with homemade chastity devices but they were aggravating and still allowed some excitement. Again, the fantasy surrounding the chastity device became more compelling than working with my partner on our relationship.

I have stumbled on another attempt to control masturbation. It is the low budget version of a Kali Teeth Bracelet. Using the safety rings from Poland Spring water bottles, I can achieve the same punishing effect whenever I get an erection. These rings are still on the bottle neck after you remove the cap and they have plastic teeth on the inner diameter to hold it to the bottle. I can gingerly work them onto my penis when flaccid and they are impossible to remove when erect (I have found out the hard way this can be good and bad). The pain I feel as my penis engorges is an immediate reminder of my need to control myself. I have to quickly think of non-sexual / non-stimulating things rather than give in to my usual weakness of fantasizing and masturbating.

The pain is excruciating and lasts for as long as I remain hard. Some episodes in the middle of the night have lasted 30 minutes and as I said before there is no key to remove these and there is no slack to slip a cutting tool under the ring when I am hard. This leaves no choice but to work through the pain, change my thinking and work harder next time to not let it begin. It goes without saying, that unless you have an incredibly high tolerance for pain, I find it impossible to stroke myself or ejaculate. When I am soft I periodically adjust the position on the shaft or under the head because of marks left by the teeth including small cuts and scratches. Once again, these are consequences of uncontrolled erections.

I only intend to use this control when traveling on business or in other situations of isolation where I am vulnerable to self pleasuring. I read somewhere that when you marry you give yourself to your spouse including your sex. If I continue to use my sex selfishly then I am cheating my wife of the gift that is rightfully hers. I pray that this will help to solve the problem rather than add to it.

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