Belted for 30 Hours

Submitted by: Bdenied

Yesterday at 6am I put on my chastity belt and my wife locked the lock on. I had to fly to a meeting and stay overnight. It was quite exciting as this was the first time I wore the belt away from home and out of her presence.

I was struck with how many really pretty women I ran across yesterday and all to no avail as I was quite contained. Once during the day, I even managed a glimpse of a pretty young things panties when her very short skirt hiked up on her thighs. I was erect on and off all day, but the tube doesnt allow for much room, and erections become rather uncomfortable.

I got little sleep overnight at the hotel. Everytime I would get to sleep a nightime erection would wake me as the tube did its job.......

I flew back early in the morning and went to the office. By noon I was getting really uncomfortable, not sexually but the damn belt was chafing and really causing discomfort. It was quite warm here yesterday and because I did a lot of walking, I perspired quite a bit... I was beginning to think the odor of the traped sweat beneath the belt was becomming obvious, so I went home to look for our emergency key....

She had left the original key on the counter-probably in anticipation of my return and I used it to unlock myself, dissapointed tht she was not the one to unlock me. Its now about 5pm, Ive taken another shower because I think the bacteria really built up and caused a real odor problem..... Im also raw and chaffed but happy nonetheless that I was secure for her....

I think that this belt will have to go as its just not practical for long term wear...Ill look into Remys tube or the CB 2000.... But, I still think that on trips it'll be nice to be kept secure

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