Forcefield Chastity

Submitted by: Mikey

The military and police had, in time, produced a new type of protective suit. Microcomputer controlled force fields that lay a millimetre above the skin could be worn for days on end. These suits could be set up to be permeable to water and air (for cleanliness) or completely impermeable. They could be designed to be flexible and follow the contours of the body, or (for example for bullet-proof clothing ) totally solid. The force fields protected the field generator and the unit had enough power to last several hundred years of standby use (heavy arms attack tends to drain the batteries more quickly).

It was not long before people began to use the field generators for many other uses. My girlfriend Jessica (a sexy but very fiery red head) decided to reprogram a mini field generator to fit me perfectly as a protective belt for my sex. She was concerned about my being unfaithful and also enjoyed teasing me on occasion. We both agreed that a chastity belt under her control would be an amusing way to solve these issues. This began a few months after we met, and by the day of our 6 month anniversary it was ready. She proudly pulled out the tiny controller and powerpack (lifetime design and only one inch in diameter!) and placed the against my body.

Instantly the fields sprung to life and my penis, balls and a strip over my hips was covered with a shimmering translucent field. Designed to be perfectly comfortable it fitted me like a glove. I could move, run, bend and wash without a problem. I had to sit or squat to pee but this was not a problem as i would only be wearing this when we were not together. I smiled (i was overjoyed) and kissed her.

A kiss turns into a long kiss, her breathing began to speed up and get ragged. This always turns me on, and pretty soon she was sitting on the edge of a chair begging me to lick her. I put my head inside her skirt and used my fingers and tongue slowly until she screamed and shuddered her orgasm into my mouth. In the meantime i was unable to get fully erect or touch myself. Paradoxically this state actually turned me on more. By the time she came i was ready to burst.

'Poor darling' she said kissing me hard on the lips and caressing my arse. I already decided not to let you out today, see how it feels and if it is comfortable and escape proof. I promise you will be out by the weekend. Four days away!! Needless to say she did not lose out those four days, in fact she wanted more sex than ever and i pleasured her at least twice every day. My belt was clean and totally comfortable. It was also utterly escape proof (we did try!). The only way to unlock it was to enter a correct number between 1 and 50. After each incorrect try the lock would take twice as long to reset itself, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 seconds and so on. We thought this was high enough security, and i was never told the code.

A couple of years went by in which i was completely faithful. I also spent on average 6 months of each year locked away and teased. We both found this time becoming more and more frequent.

Unfortunately a business trip ended this for me. I went away for a month, and while i was away (locked up of course) she moved out. She had met somebody else and packed up while I was gone. Knowing I would try to follow she did not leave any way for me to contact her, but only a note. An apology and explanation of what happened, and then an amusing twist. She would not tell me the code, figured that with only 50 possibilities i would soon hit upon the right one.

I spent the night in bed with an old friend who I had not slept with since the belt was installed. She comforted me and then we made love (well she did anyway, i was left unsatisfied and desperate). She found my predicament amusing and asked for more about the belt. As i finished the story she went pale. 'Are you sure the belt is escape proof, and that you can't get in contact with Jessica ' she asked?

'Its just that 50 attempts at the code! Well twenty attempts will take about 1 week, 30 will take about 20 years, and 40 attempts will take about half a millennium! Jessica didn't know any math, did she!'

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