Plastic Home Built Male Chastity Belt

Submitted by: JG

Dear Altairboy:

I have been visiting your site several times daily since finding it. It has always been a fantasy of mine to have my sex life completely controlled by a beautiful woman. My earliest memories of masturbation included using ropes to tie my genitals in as tight bondage as I could manage (or stand).

I had created a leather CB of sorts a few years ago, which I only used prior to masturbation. It was no good at all for any long term wear. It only succeeded in arousing me completely and then "popping" off, at which time I masturbated to one of my best orgasms ever. This was enough for a while, but I wanted more.

I am now in my 30's and 6 years into my second marriage (to the most wonderful, caring and understanding woman I have ever met). About a year ago we started "experimenting" with swinging. We both found this very fun and somewhat satisfying. My wife has no trouble finding sexual partners. I however, have not been as fortunate. After some deep thought, and fond memories of my long time fantasy of being "chastised", I decided to let her in on this secret part of my life.

nt90911.jpg Here is a picture of my recent creation, which I have been happily secured in since creating. This was very inexpensive to create (about $10 at Lowe's) and only took a few hours to complete. I was going to create a "J" tube belt which I am sure would be slightly more comfortable, (but that isn't quite the point is it?). My wife doesn't get into any BDSM but is quite OK with this as it is "clear" and not visible under clothing.

It has an added bonus of her being able to "SEE" my discomfort when aroused such as when I am orally servicing her or "cleaning up" after one of her lovers. It is a truly wonderful feeling sucking another man's sperm out of your wife while they cuddle and watch my organ try, quite unsuccessfully, to get hard. Right now, I still enjoy "normal" intercourse with my wife several times a week, but am only allowed to cum once a week at most. I usually remove the CB several hours prior to intercourse, insert a large "butt plug", then put the CB back on. This allows plenty of time to relax and "stretch" to receive the large dildo that we both enjoy so much. The hardest part is getting relaxed enough to get back into the CB after having wonderful intercourse but not cumming.

For my birthday next month, we are planning a party with several of her lovers. I should have to "clean" many loads of cum that day. She may even have me give my first blow job to one or more of them. Believe it or not, I am looking forward to that part very much! I have never had an "encounter" with another man, other than "cleaning up" after him, but who knows what the future has in store.....

Please feel free to post this on your page, but please leave my name & email address off.


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