Chastity Sphere

Submitted by: Mark

Dear Altairboy,

I saw your chastity device page. Recently I built a chastity sphere for a friend who said he was jacking off too often, and needed something to help him break the habit. Here is the design we came up with:


Two steel braces are welded to two polished mild steel hemispheres. The braces are screwed together with allen-bolts, and then locked with a regular padlock. Once locked the device cannot be removed. As a variation, it can either enclose both the dick and the balls, or just the balls, which acts as a very pleasant weight. Urine drainage is optional. The two hemispheres don't quite line up and will let the urine drain out.

I cannot weld stainless steel. I could paint the spheres but that would take away their shine.

I put pictures on my webpage. You can put a link there if you want to.

I make and sell these things for $80. Check out my webpage -- there's more steel stuff on it.


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