My Homemade Chastity Belts with Pictures

Submitted by: boundboy1

Picture 1 - Playdough tube and wide cock ring. I found this too restrictive and made a smaller one. Picture 2 - wearing Playdough tube. The lock is on top of the cock ring, but can't be seen in the black pubic hair.

Before you read this story, perhaps you want to go back to, "Experimentations lead to Wonder, by Eric" as this is where it all started.

I now have pictures to help explain what was going on. In the first story, I mentioned that I made a "J" tube chastity device. That was the easiest way to explain what I used without pictures. The tube was actually a part of a Playdough barber shop kit that would allow Playdough to be pushed into the device shown in the first picture, and would come out the small holes on the end to look like hair. One is shorter than the other, so I could have two different sized tubes for my cock. A metal bracket was used to fasten it to a metal band that I made with a hinge to fit around the base of my dick and balls. See details in picture 2.

Ever since my children had this toy, I was fascinated with what I could do with it. Of course, I had to wait until they did not play with that toy so that I could "play" with it myself. You can see what it looked like. I later found that the band was too wide and needed to be made narrower for better comfort.

* * * * * * * * * *

Now on to the next part of the adventure of chastity. As I mentioned before, my wife is not really into this scene, so there has been a lot of self bondage and chastity, but with a key always available; my wife thought it was hidden, but I could hear her put in the drawer in her night stand.

Picture 3 - Cock and Ball Cage. Straps go under legs and up to a belt. Cage is riveted to leather pubic cover which attaches to a belt. Picture 4 - Back view of cock and ball cage. Balls are slipped one at a time into the ring where the long straps are attached. The penis goes into the top cage, not shown clearly here.

My latest fantasy was starting to come true, when my wife had to go out of town on a business trip for three days. I now had made a cock and ball cage; see pictures 3 and 4, as I always am interested in trying to make something rather than purchasing it, just to see if I can. This is a crude device, but works quite well. There were many hours of soldering, filing, etc. to make this device as you see it. I now know why it costs so much to purchase one, and of course there is better workmanship on purchased ones.

I put on the device and was quite pleased with how it felt and fit. I locked it on, but with the key still available. When she got home 3 days later, I still had the device on, but debated whether to take it off before she saw it. (See the picture 5 of the cage while wearing it) I thought against that, and wanted to fulfill my fantasy that had been going through my mind for two nights. I could barely sleep as I kept getting erections about every hour with the feeling (or not feeling my balls and cock) going through my body.

Picture 5 - Wearing cock and ball cage. The padlock is to the left by the buckle. It locks the end tab of the belt to the belt itself.

So that night I asked her if she wanted to do some things that would make me real horny. She knows me, and said what if she didn't want to do the things that mentioned. I gave her the option then of not doing what she didn't want to do. Of course I was hoping she'd want to do all that I had planned. The first was that I was now wearing a "new" to her chastity device that didn't allow me to touch my self where I loved to be touched by others or my self. We were getting ready for bed so I said that I had something to show her. That's when I asked her about the "plan" that I had been thinking about for two days.

When she saw it, she again laughed, and said, "So, you don't want to touch yourself? Well, I don't either. Good night!" That's when I slipped and mentioned that I had been using her key. Immediately I heard the sacred drawer open and the key taken out. I thought that we were ready for a great night of sex, but I was wrong, the key never entered my lock and she never said anymore. Now it was the third night that I'd been locked up, but now for real. The next morning when she got up for work, she said, "Have a nice day! Remember that you had earlier said that we'd be going out and to meet me at work." I had forgotten about that, and now I am locked in a ball and cock cage that wasn't very comfortable under my jeans. What could I do? I knew better than to beg or say anything, because I now wanted to be free and be able to have my balls just hang freely, and not be confined to that little cage (as one can see in the previous picture) which made them hurt just slightly.

Our evening was enjoyable, but confining. She never once mentioned anything about my cage. When we got home, I wanted to now fulfill my fantasy, and asked her if she was ready to let me out as I was real horny. She asked what I had in mind, so here is what I told her. "I still don't want to touch myself, but we can take a shower together, wash each other, and then I'll tell you what else I have planned." She agreed. I first washed her, and then she washed me, even removing the cage so that I could be really clean. She asked if she could touch my balls and cock gently, so that it would get cleaner than just letting the water run over it. I of course, agreed. When we were done and drying our selves, she said, "Be careful. Don't touch yourself." I knew what she meant, and I couldn't believe how stern she sounded. She then grabbed the towel and gently dried my 4 day untouched package.

For the next part of my fantasy, I still didn't want to touch my self, as now I was really horny and I knew what would have occurred if I did. I told her to put a chain around my neck and attach my wrists to the straps so that I couldn't touch myself. I had all of this ready just incase she'd cooperate. My hands were both near my chest and couldn't be lowered. She said I was weird, and I know that, but to my surprise, she did it. Now she's getting into the scene and said that she was taking my clothes and I had to be naked the rest of the evening. Now even though I'm married, it still seemed awkward to be naked in front of her with the lights on in other than the bedroom or bathroom. I very quickly realized that I could not cover my self, and now an erection was starting to form. She then said in order to get to the family room I had to go out the side door to the outside and come in the door to the family room. Here I am naked, can't cover my cock or balls, let alone touch them, and had to go outside. I am glad that it was dark, and hopefully the neighbors were not sitting out side. I had no other choice, so I did that and came in, but with a raging hard on. That was again embarrassing. Even though I am married I don't like to have a boner in front of my wife unless we are having sex. I even hide it every morning when I wake up. Now here I was, naked, hands bound to my neck, and with a hard-on. She immediately noticed and gave my hard dick a flick with her hand. What could I do, but say that this makes me horny. She said, "I can see that."

Picture 6 - Wearing the J-tube. There is also a leather strap going from the tip of the tube, under the balls, and back to the cock ring lock. The padlock is on top where the chain attaches.

I was thirsty and succeeded in opening and drinking a can of soda, but she said that I looked like a squirrel eating a nut; as both of my hands had to hold the soda as I brought it close enough to drink.. We were then ready for bed and I found that brushing my teeth was not going to be too bad. I was wrong when I soon found that when I spit the residue from my mouth went all over my other hand which I forgot was now in the way. We are now ready for some great sex. We got into bed, she said, "Now remember, you didn't want to be touched." She then turned out the light, said good night and rolled over. Here I am, on by back, naked, with a giant hard-on, hands bound and she says good night. My mind started racing as to whether I'd be this way all night. Then she finally rolled over on top of me, proceeds to make me even hornier, and by now the thought of "her slave" got her horny too. Soon my bonds were freed and we had a fantastic and relaxing session of sex. What an experience!. I slept through the night but was awakened with a cock and ball cage dangling in my face. She said, "Remember, you don't want to touch yourself! Put this on now." It wasn't hard to do as this was one of the few mornings that I awoke without a hard-on. But now I am "locked" up again and the key is no where in sight! What have I gotten myself into?

* * * * * * * * * *

The key comes and goes, and my vanilla wife's thoughts of being my key holder also come and go. The chastity belt is on for a while, then off for a longer period of time. Occasionally she changes her mood and then I am once again locked. My most comfortable tube is shown in picture 6. (Note, it looks like the head of my penis is coming through the end of the tube, but that actually is my left testicle behind the tube.) It is made from a plastic j-tube, a cockring lock, and the chain to keep it from sliding off. The end has a bar across it and I can't readily touch my penis tip or get it out. I could possibly pull out of any of my cb's from the pubic side, but probably could not get back in. I also could cut them very easily, but for the hours that it took to make each one, I really don't want to go through that again.

* * * * * * * * * *

Picture 7 - Stallion guard with strap going under the balls and back to the cock ring lock, not shown. There is a lether strap loop on each side of the guard that slides onto the cock ring lock, and also a tab with a slot to go over the top post (tab) of the cock ring lock where the padlock is placed. Picture 8 - Wearing the Stallion guard.

Another item that I made from leather and rings soldered to metal rods is similar to a stallion guard, and can be seen in picture 7. This device is a little more awkward to wear as it causes my penis to stick out more than the j-tube type does, shown in the last picture (#8). The first devices out of the Play-dough set also stick out as one can see from the second picture. Besides that, the design is a face which keeps looking up at me and causes my wife to laugh every time I wear that one.

I don't know what will happen next, but I do know that I will be locked again, sometime, when I, least expect it, my key holder will walk up to me and say, "Smile, you will be locked again!"

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