Leather and PVC Belt Design

Submitted by: Ron

Just last night I completed my first male chastity belt. My wife really likes it! I took many of the ideas and concepts from your website and combined them to make the final design. This took many hours of mental planning and two evenings to build (about three hours total). I might add that I did have to work with the garage door down, as I custom fit this as I went, so I was nude much of the time. this allowed me to custom measure to ensure a very tight, unescapable fit.

I first started with the basic J-trap pipe design. I trimmed the pipe slightly shorter and smoothed all ridges, etc. Next I took a standard leather belt with the buckle facing to the rear of my body. I then puched and riveted a a 4 in wide piece of leather, from the front center of the belt, which lead down to the J-pipe. I cut a hole in the leather to feed the J-pipe through. I screwed the J-pipe nut behind the leather.

Next I used a 2" metal ring to place my balls and penis through. I then cut a slit in the leather, just above the pipe cutout, where the top of the ring could just slide through. I then riveted a short leather strap with a D ring just above the 2" ring. This allowed the belt to be locked with a padlock to the ring. I then attached two dog choker chains from the bottom of the J-pipe to the waistband of the belt, much like a jockstrap. These are permanently attached. Future enhancements may be to add D rings on the sides to attach wrist cuffs if desired. Additionally, I may add a D ring to the top of the J-pipe for triple locking.

Upon completion, I locked in and tested it. It is fairly comfortable. The chains may need a little talc or leather covering, as they sometimes stick a bit to my legs. This device could not be seen through loose fitting shorts. My wife thought it had very sexy visual appeal as well. I attempted to get out through standard means (sliding it off, trying to remove my penis, etc.) but had absolutley no success. My wife found this very exciting. I tested urinating with it on and no problem whatsover, other that a little drippage when finished. This was solved by using toilet paper to dry it. I would recommend washing it periodically, to avoid odor from dried urine. I may add a drain hole at the bottom bend of the pipe, as you have to lean forward a bit to totally drain out the pooled urine in the pipe.

As you can tell, this design was a compilation of many of the designs you show, and came out very nice, almost professional looking! As soon as get my PC set up for photograph input, I will send pictures!


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