Rubber Chastity Belt Project

Submitted by: Bdenied

I don't know which category you will want to post this on, as I had this belt made at Underground Leathers in Ft. Lauderdale. (They are on the web), but the design was actually taken from many of the home built designs on your site.

This belt is made of a heavy duty rubber. The tube is your standard J pipe I bought at Home Depo. I probably could have made the thing myself, excpet we are in the process of moving and all my tools etc are packed.

nt90806a.jpg nt90806b.jpg nt90806c.jpg

They basically used a dildoe harness to mount the tube. It has one lock shown in the photo. After buying it (95.00) custom made, I wore it all night. Actually for a total of about 13 hours. My wife and I went to Target and bought the Master Padlock. She attached it in the paking lot and it stayed on till morning.

It was reasonably comfortable during the night. I had several erections and each time, I was awakened. It was pleasantly uncomfortable to have the erections in the tube and I dont think they got real big. It was very erotic to sleep next to her while I was locked up. I might add I took care of her orally before we went to sleep.

Plan was to wear it all day to work, unlocked just in case...... I went to work at 7 am and by noon I had to take it off. The belt didnt fit exactly right and I was being terribly pinched. The tube extends 1/4 inch past the inside of the belt (the portion against the pubic bone) and it rubbed it unmercifully.

I tried foam padding but that allowed me to get my penis out.. Today I went back and they made some adjustments. It now 9 pm and I've been in the belt since 1:30pm. Ill stay there until at least 7pm tomorrow. We are going out with friends and will probably wind up in a hot tub and they dont need to know about this..

My lovely wife and I went downtown to an outdoor patio restaraunt. It was fun walking around in public wearing the chastity belt and its totaly invisible beneath clothes. If anything it would look like I was rather well endowed. She did her best to tease me and I've fought off several erections. They don't hurt but they are as I said pleasantly uncomfortable...

Oh by the way, urinating is no problem in this belt and neither would defication.. We are planning to keep me locked for at least one week, but i will need to work up to that.

So any way, enjoy the photos. Your site is outstanding.... My wife is a very willing and eagar participant, and I love her having the key.....

Please feel free to post the photos and use my email address.


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