Final Modifications to Cock Cuff

Submitted by: Norbert

Hi AB,

As I announced in not90206.htm I made a plastic cover for the tube opening. This cover or rather a stopper is kept in place by the locking pin. I found it more convenient for this locking pin to go from front to back rather than from side to side. Therefore I drilled 2 new holes at 90 degrees to the original ones.

nt90805b.jpg nt90805a.jpg

The locking pin supplied with the cuff had a knob on one end and a hole for a small padlock at the other. This padlock could be opened by a paperclip or a credit card and the knob was "screwed" on. You could simply twist it off. So much for security. This had to be changed. I replaced the locking pin with one that has an S-shaped extension. This extension engages the moving part of the cuff when closed. So everything is fixed with the one cuff lock. I like single points of locking in my designs.

The wire loop was replaced by a nylon string loop which is more comfortable. But I still can't pull out. The hook on the end of this loops fits into a hole in the plastic stopper. When the stopper is in the tube the hook can't come out.

The leather belt helps to support the weight which would be pulling on my scrotum otherwise. The padlock that connects belt and cuff is only for ornamental purposes. For a shower I take the belt off and put it back on after drying.

nt90805d.jpg nt90805d.jpg

Doing my experiments I found out I could still reach an orgasm by pulling and pushing the cock cuff around. The ultimate test is to watch a Simone Devon video while trying. To get this fixed I put the small rod on the stopper with a smooth rounded point. You could call it a masturbation deterrent point. When aroused it puts pressure on the upper side of my glans which I don't like at all. It does not create pain only enough discomfort to prevent a climax and it works. The device passed the above ultimate test.

Delightfully frustrating!

Perhaps this gives other designers some ideas how to prevent this slipping out problem. Working together we'll get there. It can be done.

Kind regards

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