Wooden KTB Device

Submitted by: Anonymous


What a great site you have. I have gotten all kinds of ideas from it, and have come to a few conclusions that one must consider before wearing a chastity device:

1) Anyone can get out of any chastity device if they want to. There isn't a steel made that can't be cut through, so all this talk about steel waist belts, etc. is besides the point. It is only a matter of trust and willpower that makes the chastity experience a good one. Which is as it should be, since trust is the basis for any good s/m relationship where a chastity device might be used.

2) So, the main thing to consider when building or buying a device is: "Will my Mistress/Master be able to tell if I have gotten out of the device temporarily to get erect or masturbate?" Will they be able to tell if you have violated their trust?

3) The second thing to consider is: "Is this device stronger than my willpower?". For those with weak wills, a steel belted multi-locking strongbox might be the only thing to keep you from jacking off, since it is so much trouble to cut open and then replace. Even cutting through and replacing the locks would be a lot of trouble. If you have a very strong will and would never think of violating your mistresses orders, than a piece of duct tape tightly wound around the penis with the mistress's signature on it would be enough. The duct tape would be easy to remove and replace, but the signature wouldn't, so that would keep you from violating her command not to get erect or jack off.

4) Comfort and Real-World Practicality: This should go without saying, but... don't you want a healthy and fit slave? He should be able to exercise freely and with no discomfort while wearing his device. Also, I travel quite a lot, and so it is imparitive that there be a minimum of metal in any device I wear. (I chose to make a wooden device because it gave me the flexibility to completely custom fit the hole size to my penis.)

5) None of these points consider the psychology of the asthetics. Some slaves wouldn't feel properly imprisoned or under the Mistress's power without many locks and expensive steel involved, and God bless them. Me? Just knowing that there is no way that I can cheat without being caught is enough of a psychological deterrent. Which is how I came up with the idea for my Wooden KTB.

It is basically a piece of an unfinished wooden chair leg that I got from the Do It Yourself Center. These are handy because they have already been rounded on the outside. The piece I cut out was about 1 1/2" long. Just enough to fit my flaccid penis.

First, drill about 15 very small holes around the outside of the piece. (the reason for this will become clear later.)

Then, using a hole saw, drill the tube opening through the center of the wood. (I chose a 1" saw.)

After sanding the inside (if needed), slip it over the penis so it is centered.

Then, you'll need 15 or so short (I used 1/2") wood screws (depending on how many holes you drilled). Dull the ends of them with a file, and dip just the tips into some PolyShield (a rubber coating-type paint.)

Screw the screws into the holes (BY HAND!) until the heads are even with the surface of the wood. The tips should dig solidly into your penis, but because you have dulled the tips and coated them with rubber, they should not cut into the skin.

Voila! You have imprisoned your filthy, horrible penis into an inescapable "wooden maiden".

Oh yeah, all you need to do is unscrew the screws and slip it off to jack off and your Mistress will be none the wiser, right? Wrong! Because before you are completely finished, you will cover the screw heads with any type of caulk or sealant. Or, if you have the tools, strip the heads completely. Then, paint on a thick coat of PolyShield so that the entire device (including the screw heads) are encased in a colorful rubber coating. Then, have your Mistress sign and decorate it to her liking with a permanent marker, not forgetting to snap a polaroid of it to make sure it matches whenever she wants to check up on you.

The best part of making this for my Mistress, was that she didn't have to do any work at all. She just waited until the final PolyShield coat dried, and after inspecting it, signed it.

You cannot get out of this at all without tearing your penis apart (obviously unnaceptable), or breaking the rubber seal with your mistresses signature. (unreplaceable.) You are totally fucked. (or should I say, "un-fucked").

Thanks for hearing aout my design. Sorry there's no pictures. Maybe later, when I get a scanner or a digital camera.

Please sign me, Anonymous

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