Review of The Stockroom's Houdini Cock Cuff

Submitted by: MrFeet

nt90722.jpg The Houdini is a pretty straightforward, functional chastity device that can be easily hidden under normal clothing. It takes virtually no time at all to get to used to wearing, i.e. there is little break in period needed. In fact, I went straight to wearing it for a 24-hour period, and have now worn it for over 72 hours straight with little discomfort. As mentioned, it is not easily detected under clothing. I have not worn any tight jeans with the device underneath, but I usually do not anyway. The manufacturer/distributor mentions two sizes, and that the small size is more easily hidden. This is the size that I have.

Security, normally, is very good. I have found that when totally relaxed, for example while soaking in a warm bath, that I can slip my penis back out of the tube and that I could stroke it if I wanted to. The penis could then be reinserted back into the tube without discovery. This can not be accomplished normally, as I am usually partially aroused to the point that there is enough swelling in my penis that it is not going to go anywhere. If not, once I touch it to pull it out or even start thinking about what I plan to do, it gets too hard to slip out. At any rate, I have been taking monitored baths and showers to prevent any temptation.

All in all, the device is pretty good, reasonably secure at the midprice range. It can be ordered from The Stockroom.

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