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Submitted by: Bound

Dear Altairboy:

Thanks for the great site. Regarding the key safe concept described by Jack , I've found a couple great components.

Home Depot has an Intermatic brand digital appliance Timer with a AA battery inside that allows many great digital program options, and can be unplugged and taken on a trip without losing any program (opening times). For example, it can be programmed to turn on (open safe) and turn off at any time, any combination of days possible, like: On Friday open possible at 6:30am, off Friday 6:31am.

The electronic transformer & lock will require 110 v. to open, so if you're bringing your key safe on a car trip and want your keys out (chastity belt off) you'll really be motivated to get the box plugged in before the unlock time passes!

Second part - The electric lock strike is the most expensive part.

I like parts:

8064a25electric lock strike79.53

All can be found on page 2453 of McMaster Carr's Industrial Catalog. On their website www.mcmaster.com you can search for the electric strike and it will show pictures too. McMaster Carr on the web has nearly any industrial or hardware part you can imagine, including "edge trim" in many sizes & shapes to smooth the edge of SS belts. Search "edge trim" within the M-C site.

Signed, bound

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