A KTB type device

Submitted by: Kimi


I recently found your instructions on the web for a KTB device using PVC. When I made mine I went a little more over-board. I used 2" 7d Flooring nails, after I removed the gunk that comes on them to prevent them from slipping back out. This allowed me to adjust the diameter of the center ring to a snug fit.

nt90708.jpg It works wonderfully.. I named mine Spike. You would want to file the ends of the nails a tad bit, but to date, he has not drawn even the slightest blood. When it is used, keep the sub pretty stationary. (Either bound or seated at a desk or in a chair.) This is definately not something for under clothing. Umm, sorry if I sound like an air head, still working on first cup of coffee for the morning.

It works superb for curing any arousal. I love using it along with a nice wicked assignment or two like "Sort these photos for me by type" and then having them unzip 100 D/s photos and have them have to stay "clinical" while seperating them into catagories by male or female and type of "service"

BTW.. I was thinking of using 1" PVC with these same nails and making a set of wicked nipple clamps.. I will let you know if these work just as wonderfully.


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