Home Made Measuring Belt - Part 2

Submitted by: Klaus

Dear Altairboy,

A few days ago I have tried a different design for the front shield of my measuring belt. The previous design does have the flaw that it started pinching my testicles, especially when sitting down so things loosen a bit and then may get caught when standing up again (outch).

For this second design I did cut two holes in a cardboard. The upper one with a 3cm diameter just allows to squeeze a film box through with the rim gripping the cardboard, the lower one with 6cm allows dedicated space for the testicles. The penis tube is made of 3 plastic film boxes for 35mm file with the bottoms cut off as to get a continuous longer tube with continuous pieces of packing tape inside as to avoid edges causing bruises especially on sliding in and out.

nt90618.jpg As this is a test piece, there are a few items lacking. The edge of the mere hole chafes somewhat, but on installation allows for some tugging to get at the stuff in the right place. In a final design this should be more rounded and capped. Then the tube sticks out at right angle which is ok as long as you need not conceal it. It is somewhat tight so you need Norbert's stocking trick or similar to get your member in, and be careful not to bruise it when putting in or pulling out.

The base of the tube could be somewhat larger, the edge between cardboard and tube definitely needs to be more rounded. As with the Walter design, it should touch or rest on the pubic bone at the top penis base. The lower part could leave some little room as the member's foundations might like to have some space on expansion.

In the end one probably wants to start the tube pointing somewhat downwards and then curving towards the body to avoid a too obvious tent. Both Goethals and Hoss tube designs come to my mind.

The cardbord width at the base is still too wide, there are a few edges from the cardboard folding which cafe, but that is only a problem with this test piece.

As penis and testicles are not pressed onto the body but have their extra dedicated space, the shield can run pretty snug to the body. Slipping a finger underneath is challenging as the side parts of the shield are supposed to run in the crack between the thighs and the central protruding parts. It should be pretty difficult to pull out and I even did not dare to try.

The space for the testicles can be smaller in width. When testing this new shield the circular hole was already pushed into an oval shape. This goes well with having the shield less wide.

So I have moved somewhat more to a Walter design. But I do feel the testicles deserve a dedicated space for their own, on the Walter photos I have seen they are freely exposed.

What is also reasonably close to what I have in mind is this australian made belt (you remember the rivets?) but that one leaves a larger space for the testicles to move around.

What I really do not like any longer is this standard design (i.e. Access Denied) of a flat front shield pushing things into your body and giving this sideward accessibility. Well you pay for it with the penis enclosed up to the tip.

Going for my intended design will need shaping beyond simply bending a flat metal sheet. It will need some machinery and tools, but I think it can be done. Perhaps one should talk to the local blacksmith??



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