Foreskin Padlocked for Chastity

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Dear altairboy:

I wish to say hello all you enthusiasts of male chastity, also hello to Severin! I write this note in a way avaiable to all the readers of Altairboy, because I think, Severin revealed some interresting topic.

I am wearing a golden padlock in my foreskin since 9 years now. It is the smallest ABUS - Security - Padlock You can buy in Germany ( 1.0 X 1.5 X 0.8 cm without the hasp ). "Security - Padlock" means, that it can deffinitly not be opened with a hairpin or a simple piece of wire. You have to have the matching key, otherwise it stays closed. It has been carefully sanded to smooth all its edges, then mirror - polished and - mostly important - covered with a thin layer of 14 carat gold, using the technic of galvanisation.

The padlock is custom made and not avaiable in stores, and my mistress is - useless to mention - the only keyholder. Any manipulation on the padlock can be detected immediately, and there is no way to change it with a similar one without her knowing it.

My foreskin has been pierced on both sides, horizontaly 1cm behind its free end. Two 2mm ball closure rings had been placed, and after a four week healing period, the piercing holes had been enlarged by the use of a sailmakers needle to a gauge of 3.5 mm.

Then one big piercing ring ( gauge 3.5 mm, diameter 2.5 cm ) was placed in the foreskin for another month. After this second healing period was over, my mistress decided, that I was to wear the above mentioned padlock permanently exept for those moments she wanted me to serve her.

At the beginning of my enforced chastity erections were painfull, and cleaning under the foreskin was impossible. So I was unlocked every evening to do my personal hygiene, of course, under the permanent control of my mistress. As times went by, the unavoidable erections as well as the weight of the padlock caused a slight lengthening of my foreskin.

Due to this lengthening after a year or so I was able to masturbate even while wearing the padlock. Urination had never been a problem and the golden layer, that covers the hasp, resists perfectly to all body liquids. And by the time I discovered, that I could even clean the tip of my penis, taking a cold shower first, that made him shrink and limp. In that condition I can make the glans pop out beside the hasp, soap and rinse it and then make it slide back. This procedure has to go under cold water, because any erection in such a moment would be accompanied by unbearable pain.

To avoid pinching or painfull strains of the padlock during the all-day wear I avoid boxer shorts, I use tight briefs instead, positioning my dick in a downward position between my legs. Thus, it remains undetecteble and does not show, not even at the beach.

So, as you cn see, a golden padlock in a man's foreskin is a perfect way to keep him from having sexual intercourse. Perfect, because it can be worn without any time-limit, it does not interfere with the calls of nature or the necessery personal hygiene, and it is absolutely undetecteble even in a tight swimming suit.

On the other hand, after a certain time, it would not prevent masturbation anymore. And there are situation in life, when others might get knowledge of the particular situation of the locked up person. If you happen to have an accident, x-rays of your pelvis will reveal your secret. But dont worry! The doctor is forced by law to keep that secret. I personaly remember a funny situation at the Stuttgart airport in Germany:

My mistress and I were heading to a short trip to the Canary Islands. When passing the security - check, the first "beep" of the scanner came, when it passed near my throat. The staff asked me to show, what I wore under the collar, and he had a very puzzled expression in his face, when he saw a solid necklace, made from stainless steel and locked in front by a padlock. My mistress stood right behind me, and I could hear her laugh. The scanner proceeded south and beeped again, when it scanned my groin. Now the staff looked even more stunned, an without being asked, my mistress explained, that the second beep already detectet "somthing similar". The staff stared at the two of us, then decided quickly to make us pass without further questions.

The basic task of the padlock in our relation is to prevent me from cheating my mistress. I am at work often out of town, sometimes having overnight stays, and I have a good carnal appetite. I can not immagine cheating on my mistress, for I know, that this could be the end of our relatioship. On the other hand, a German saying is: "Gelegenheit macht Diebe", and that means: "Opportunity makes the thief". I often found myself in those situations, but I dont want to have this opportunity, and so I volontarily gave away the option of having sexual intercourse into the caring hands of my mistress. It gives me a special feeling, of being something worthy enough to her to be locked up, just like a treasure, a precious jewelery or an expensive car.

Wearing the padlock is a pemanent reminder to me, who's property I am and that my owner takes care to prevent any situation, that could disturb the relation with her belonging.

Not only am I kept from sticking my dick into pussies I am not supposed to be in, the padlock is frequently used as well to enhance my behavior in front of my mistress, using the well known technique of tease and deny. She loves to tease me, and she made it a permanent rule, that I have to serve her with my tongue at least to one orgasm every day we stay together.

If my performance was good enough to satisfy her, she sometimes decides to unlock me. But sometimes it happens, that she is so fullfilled with the aftermath of her orgasm, that she decides it to be enough for her, not caring to much then about my satisfaction, leaving me horny like hell.

Of course, this concept of having-to-deserve-an-orgasm works fine for any task in our all-day live, be it household-chores, doing the grocery or what ever. But I have to point out, that I am a lucky man, because I have a very responsable and loving mistress, so I never had to suffer from any abuse of the control, she has about me.

As for avoiding masturbation, my mistress disposes of two facilities.:

When playing the good old blue balls game, she sometimes clicks the hasp of the padlock into a guiche ring, 3.5 mm, diameter 2.5 cm, in my perineum right behind my balls.

The pressure that closes the guiche ring is very strong, the ring can be opened only by the use of a special plier (tool), and that tool of course is under lock and key. So even with my hands free, there is no way for me to get out of that situation.

We sometimes use a custom made chastitybelt as well. She mostly uses that device as a corrective measure in those moments of my rebellion against her control about my sexual drive. Protests and beggings of my side for sexual relief or the detection of even the slightest attempt to touch myself will bring me into that steel panty in a few seconds. Once locked into it, I know, that my frustration will go on for a minimum of 12 hours.

The belt (Latowski, Germany) is designed perfectly for longterm wear and allowes any body function and personal hygiene to happen with the only limitation, that you have to pee in a sitting position. And there is absolutely no way to get yourself or something of yourself out of it, no matter, what kind of desperate contortions you manage to make!

It has a genious built-in system, that allowes even to flush and rinse everything enclosed in it. Under reasonably choosen clothes (no realy tight jeans for example) it can not be detected, wearing a pair of bermuda - shorts, you can even go to the beach. So you see, there is no excuse left for not wearing the belt, and therefor my mistress does not accept any arguing.

The longest period I was forced in that kind of confinement lasted 48 hours, including two days of work and 200 miles of car - driving. I frankly admit, that it was one of my happiest days, when I was freed after that two-days-ordeal!

I am warned, that the next time I try to interfere with my mistress decisions concerning my sexual relief, my sentence will be one entire week to stay into the belt without even a second of break. Our previous experiences had shown, that undergoing this treatment would do me no real harm, so the threat expressed by my mistress is anything else but hollow. The idea of this adventure makes me quite horny, but I decided nevertheless not to push my luck provoking her to go that far, as the idea scares me quite a bit!

Before I end, I want to communicate to You and to all the readers of Your fabulous website another very sophisticated way of keeping a male horny, "chaste" and sexually frustrated in the same moment. The goodie of the technique described below lies in the fact, that the women in charge will have all the pleasure, she wants to have, but the male, no matter how hard he tries, will have no pleasure at all! And no hardware, no padlocks, no fetters and no controlling are needed.

In Europe, a mild antidepressive drug named "Seroxat" is widely used to treat simple cases of depression. The generic name of that remedy is "Paroxetin". The widespread use is basicly caused by the fact, that side-effects are rare and mild, so the compliance of those treated with "Seroxat" is fairly high, that means, the pill is accepted by most of the patients. For those who have scientfic interrests in the topic, "Seroxat" is a serotonin-re-uptake-inhibitor, causing serotonin, wich is a transmitter of "good feelings of any kind", to act more than one time in the synaptic junctions of the nerves in Your brain. The remedy does not interfere with Your ability to drive a car, it does not change Your personality, and there is no risk of drug - addiction.

When experimentating with that remedy, I exerienced only a little sweating in the first two days and a light headache the third day, having one pill every morning for 10 following days. Then no more side-effect appeard exept a very interresting one:

No matter, how hard I pushed, how fast I moved, how desperately I beat my flesh (masturbated), I could not archive the slightest orgasm!

My mistress enjoyed it a lot, because she was the one that could tell me when she had enough! No matter how I tried, I could not orgasm, and the only limit to my pumping was the vanishing force of my muscles!. And without climax, my dick always remained up in the air, dry and in kind of permanent rage, after allmost every attempt.

Needless to say, that this was a hell of frustration. My mistress refered several climax every intercourse, and I went berserc trying to have one, but no way.

To make things worse - at least for me - this "side-effect" lasted merciless for another 10 days after stopping to take "Seroxat". My Mistress and I were on a holiday at that time, so I was frequently allowed to do my best, and for the whole holiday I stayed "chaste", but horny like a bull and frustrated beyond belief, and all this to her growing pleasure.

The first climax I managed to after these ten plus ten days hit me like a train. For the rest of this "happy day" I kind of crawled on all fours under the ironic comments of my mistress.


A padlock in the foreskin will surely keep a guy from having "improper relationships", it ensures fidelity, but it will not keep him from self-gratification. Used in combination with a guiche-ring, it prevents erections and wanking, but it prevents hygiene as well.

A chastitybelt can be a pefect device to keep a guy in line. It definitly covers all aspects of chastity. But having to wear it permanently makes life very hard. It works better as a threat in cases of bad performance.

"Seroxat" keeps your stallion from any sexual relief, keeping him horny like hell in the same moment. The owner does not suffer any inconvenience, she can use her toy, experiencing all the pleasure she wants without the risk of having him the slightest benefit.

All the above mentioned methods are perfectly designed-to-mesure solutions for couples made out of intelligent women, willing to improve their sexual pleasure and loving control of their males sexual drive at one side and consenting, enlightet men, who knows, that male carnal appetite is most constructive, when it stays under control of loving women, at the other side.

I think, it is important to point out, that all the above is ment to be realised only and exclusively by responsible and consenting adults. It might contribute to equal the balance of power between women and men and therefore lead to a better world.

It can reduce the number of cheated wifes as well as the risk of death by AIDS, it keeps children from being orphans-by-divorce, women from being victims of rape and it might even lead to some new unemployment, at least amongst psychiatrists and hookers. It can lead to happy females, experimenting liberaly with a new kind of sexuality without the slightest risks, as the are finaly able to control, what until now had been used to control them, to keep them down and in fear.

It could even set an end to Zippergate and finaly save Bill, if only Hillary reflects a little bit about the new method to mock at Paula and Monica and........ Imagine Keneth Starr investigating, where nothing remains to be investigated. Imagine the Oral Office on its return to be, what it has been for all the years before, the Oval one! And imagine Bill, the most potent and powerfull man in this world, finaly able to fight terrorism with all his energy, that piles up day by day, not beeing wasted, and with a knowing smile on the face of Hilary, his loving wife, behind his shoulders.

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