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Altairboy and friends,

On the topic of Stainless Steel Padlocks ("Reader Looking for Stainless Padlock", 99-Feb-08), I have a few things to contribute to the thread. If this material is of interest, please post on your board. Thanks for the great site!

Stainless steel grades of steel, also known as Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRES), are popular for their anti-corrosive properties. That is not to say that stainless steel is rust-proof (EVERYTHING rusts!), however, the material goes a long way towards this end.

Master brand manufactures at least two different padlocks in Stainless Steel material. I purchased the smaller of the two models (540DPF) today at Home Depot. Measuring about 3" x 2" x 3/4", the body is box-like (approximately resembling a Zippo (tm) lighter), and shrouds the lock hasp.

The package reads:

(In retrospect, number 5. actually sounds rather amusing...)

The lock hasp itself is stamped "Stainless"-- don't know anything about how tough the material might be (beware, many stainless steel grades tend to be "softer" than your average steel.) Nor is anything apparent about the inner workings of the device (i.e., their corrosion resistance)-- gee it'd be a pity to find after a few months that one's lock had irreversibly "froze up" on them (grin).

The package came with two keys (described above as "Dimple Key" type). They are well cut and fit the mechanism very smoothly.

I hope this info is some assistance, if not at least "more than you wanted to know" about the subject of Stainless Steel Padlocks.


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