Stainless Steel Padlocks for Chastity

Submitted by: Jake

Hi Altairboy:

I noticed somewhere on your website that someone was looking for a SS padlock to fit a frenum ring. I can more than likely help him. There are many styles of padlocks. Some with restricted keyways which would prevent the owner - or the holder of the key - of the padlock from having duplicate keys made.

I am a locksmith by trade, and I have some unusual sources for locks (including some - as in limited quantities- antique padlocks). If any of your readers are interested, I need to know the size lock they want, the diameter of the shackle and the finish they prefer. With that info, I can check availabiltiy and give them a price, plus S&H. All sales would be paid for by postal money order. And, because of the nature of useage, I could accept no returns.

However, I must include this bit of information. Stainless Steel Padlocks and/or restricted keyways are not inexpensive. However, if any of your readers have special needs for padlocks, etc., I will be happy to try to supply them.


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