More Dungeon Fun

Fiction Submitted by: Muffy Steele

Dedicated to Altairboy and my dear friends on the cb list.

Last weekend Carol and I played in our basement "dungeon" again. Carol told me Thursday night that she had a new "accessory" that she wanted to try out on me, but she wouldn't say what it was. I had an idea that it might involve the wooden captain's chair she had purchased at a garage sale the weekend before. The chair was badly scratched and need of refinishing, but that hadn't mattered to Carol. She said that it was good and sturdy and that's all that really counted. She'd been down in the basement Monday and Tuesday night making a lot of noise with some power tools she'd borrowed from our neighbor across the street. She wouldn't let me come down to see what she was doing, so I'd spent all week in suspense.

Friday evening after we got back to the house from the restaurant (dinner was courtesy of two college boys who didn't have a clue how old we really were) she immediately had me strip and get out my restraints. I was already locked in my chastity belt with my remote-controlled vibrating egg inserted deep in my pussy and a small padlock through my labia lip rings where they protrude through the crotch slit in my belt. Carol locked my wrists and neck in my yoke and then led me down to our basement dungeon.

I didn't see any sign of Carol's "secret project" and was a little disappointed. Once down there she locked my ankles into my spreader bar, then attached a chain that hung from a bolt in the ceiling to an eye on my yoke at my neck so that I was forced to stand up straight. Then she took and put a larger padlock with a chain through the little padlock that goes through my labia lip rings. She pulled the chain tight and fastened it with another padlock to the middle of my spreader bar. Now I had all this weight pulling on my poor pussy lips, but if I tried to bend my knees to ease the pressure it pulled on my yoke at my neck.

I started to protest to Carol that this really hurt but she stuffed a penis gag in my mouth and buckled it tight behind my head. She asked me if I liked my "pacifier" and told me that I looked really cute trussed up like this. All I could do was moan behind my gag. She handed me her car keys to hold in one hand and told me not to drop them unless I couldn't stand what she was doing to me any more. She told me that if I wimped out and dropped them too early, I would be severely. punished.

Satisfied that I was helpless, she got out her violet wand and started working over my breasts and the insides of my thighs. She alternated this with switches to my behind with her flogger and occasional bursts from my remote-controlled vibrating egg. I was going deep into subspace fast from the combination of pleasure and pain. Then she turned on the egg and left it on and also started really laying into me with the flogger. I started to have a monster orgasm and pass out at the same time! The next thing I knew Carol was holding me up while she unfastened the chain on my yoke. She helped me down and cradled my head in her lap while I came back down to earth. It was incredible! After I had recovered she gave me some water and then helped me over to my mattress. She fastened one end of another chain to my yoke and the other end to the eye in the wall above my mattress. I passed out immediately and slept like rock.

When morning came, Carol woke me up, unfastened my neck chain from the wall and took off my spreader bar. Then she led me back upstairs and fed me breakfast. She spoon fed me like a baby in my yoke and deliberately made me dribble pancake syrup and orange juice onto my breasts. What a sticky mess I was! Then she put syrup on my nipples and then licked it off with her tongue. This got me hot again, but I was helpless in my yoke and chastity belt to do anything about my aroused state. Despite having just been allowed to orgasm the night before, I was tired of being stuck in my chastity belt for over a week and wanted out. I pleaded with Carol that my pussy needed some air and she final half-heartedly said, "okay". So she led me into the bathroom and used a damp washcloth to clean up my face and chest, but she wouldn't let me out of my belt or even go pee. Instead she said it was time for my "surprise". She left me alone for a few minutes and when she came back she lead me back downstairs to the dungeon.

In the center of the room over the floor drain was a the captains chair, except it now had a hole cut in the seat so that it looked like a grownup's potty chair. It also had leather straps on the arm rests and on the legs and back. She removed my yoke and my chastity belt and pulled the egg out of my pussy. The cool basement air on my pussy lips felt wonderful! Then she had me sit in the chair and she fastened my wrists, ankles and chest with the leather strap so that I couldn't move. She buckled a leather dog collar around my neck and fastened that to the chain hanging from the ceiling so that I wouldn't try to tip over. Once I was secured in my chair, she went to our freezer and got out a big block of ice. She put the block of ice right under my chair. Then she got this really heavy looking iron weight with a loop on it and a padlock. She used the pad lock to fasten the big weight to my labia rings and then set it on top of the block of ice. The way that the chair faced allowed me to clearly see myself in the big mirror on the wall.

The ice block supported the heavy weight, but Carol explained to me that as it melted the weight would drop lower and stretch my pussy lips. Carol said that if I pee'd my warm piss would only make the block melt faster. She said that this was to teach me a lesson for wanting to be let out of my chastity belt. Then she went back upstairs to watch a movie and left me alone in the dungeon strapped in the chair with the heavy weight padlocked to my labia lip rings. Pretty soon the cold from the ice block traveled to the weight and then the padlock and finally my labia rings and my pussy. At the same time I really had to go pee bad. So I pee'd, which warmed up my freezing pussy lips some but also helped the ice felt faster.

Time passed. I was bored at being strapped in the chair and in extreme discomfort from both the cold and constant tug of the heavy weight on my pussy lips. It couldn't really see the ice block melting, but the pull on my padlocked lips seemed to be getting harder. I tried to cat nap but the torture made it impossible. At least the cold seemed to be numb the pain somewhat. In the mirror I could clearly see that my lips had been stretched by the weight, but there were still several inches to go before the weight would touch the floor. I felt that there was no way my pussy lips could stretch that far! I shouted for Carol to please come down to the basement.

After a few minutes she came down, but she said that she was disappointed with me. She ran back upstairs and came down a minute later with the penis gag and the small air horn that she carries in her purse. She stuck the phallic plug in my mouth and then buckled the penis gag snuggly around my head. Then she stuck the air horn in my right hand, but told me not to use it to signal her until the weight touched the ground! She said that the ice block seemed to be taking longer to melt than she expected, so she got an extension cord and the electric fan and positioned it so that it would blow on the ice and make it melt faster. Then she switched on the fan and went back upstairs.

More time passed. Without a clock, it seemed as though I'd been strapped in the chair for hours. The fan seemed to be doing its job because the ice block was getting smaller and the awful weight was stretching my pussy lips longer and longer. Finally Carol came back down to admire her handy work. She measured my elongated pussy lips with a little ruler and told me they were stretched almost two inches. She teased me about leaving me like this until they were permanently stretched and then ran her fingernails along the side of my taut lips. All I could do was moan and watch her torture me in the big mirror. Then she asked me if I would rather be left like this until the weight reached the floor or be locked back in my chastity belt. She told me to nod my head yes if I wanted to be put back in my chastity belt.

Naturally I nodded my head! So then she unlocked the horrible weight from my labia rings. She gently massaged my abused labia for a minute then unbuckled my penis gag and released me from the chair. I didn't protest as she locked my chastity belt back on me. She didn't put my vibrating egg back in me though; she said that I was going to be kept locked and denied relief for a month as punishment for whining to be let out earlier. So it looks like I will be a belted and chastised slave girl for awhile!


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