Homemade Plastic (Iron) Maiden

Submitted by: Mistress Yatahe

Made from a washing tablet device! This comes from Safeway's own brand "Cyclon". It is just the right size for the average male member when limp, it's when things start getting hard that it becomes VERY painful *smile*. It acts very like a KTB, except the whole of the penis is enclosed in this little beauty. The inside of the maiden has rounded spikes that dig into the penis. These spikes could easily be sharpened to suit with a few snips from a pair of nail clippers. Beware though it's already pretty vicious in it's virgin form.

Opus and I have already had a lorra fun with this one ;). For those of you who are not blessed with living in the UK, Safeway is a supermarket chain.

nt90427a.jpg nt90427b.jpg

In it's natural state and uncut as yet, both ends are the same so it does not matter where you start to cut it. On the far right, you can see where a piece of it has been cut out so that the penis can be put in and the whole thing snapped shut.

nt90427c.jpg nt90427d.jpg

On the left, the device closed prior to cutting. And on the right, closed after cutting.

nt90427e.jpg nt90427f.jpg

The maiden in place, need I say more?


This last photo shows the clasp. For those of you who would like to place a tiny padlock on it (the type that they sell with diaries) I would suggest a bradel heated up over a gas ring and then plunged through the clasp as marked. Once the padlock is in place there ain't no way that an unruly sub can get out of it *Grin*.

The maiden really, though is just a toy for a bit of fun. I couldn't see it being worn outside under street clothes :((

Mistress Yatahe

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