My Weekend In Bondage Chastity

Fiction Submitted by: Muffy Steele

I hurried home from the office last Friday evening eagerly looking forward to spending the weekend as a chained and chastised slave bitch. I had been planning this for over a week and had everything waiting for me when I got home. First I stripped out of my clothes and got my chastity belt ready. I was going to use the remote-control vibrating egg with my chastity belt for the first time. The vibrating egg was originally bought by my brother-in-law C.B. Phile for a remote-control egg he was trying to make, but he never could figure out how to build it so my ex- Master Jason finished it back when I was still living with him. Jason also fixed it so it could be randomly turned on-and-off using a timer he got from Radio Shack. I never have used it before, so I was excited to see how well it would work. Anyway I threaded the cable from the egg through the slit in my chastity belt's crotch then put the belt on. I had a little trouble getting the egg into my pussy and keeping the cable from slipping back through the slit, but once I had it up in me and locked the belt on it couldn't come out. Then I put the free end of the cable and plugged it into the receiver box which clips onto the back of my belt's waistband. Now I was naked wearing just my locked chastity belt with the remote control egg in my pussy. I was already excited knowing I would be stuck like this until I could get to the keys to my belt back at my office on Monday morning!

The next part of my bondage was my restraints. But before I put them on I plugged the timer with the transmitter into the kitchen wall socket. I left the keys to my restraints upstairs and went down the inside stairs to my basement which would be my dungeon for the next 24 hours. I had already assembled all my stuff down there: my restraints, water and snack bowls, waste bucket, wall mirror, small hanging light, clock and a mattress to rest on. The first thing I did was plug the small hanging light into another timer so that it would go off in 30 minutes and not come back on until 8:00 tomorrow morning. Even if the power failed, the small window at ground level would let in enough light for me to see, but not until morning. Now came the next big part - I turned out the main overhead light and then closed and locked the door that lead upstairs from the basement. The only way for me to get back upstairs now was to go out the basement door and walk outside around to the side door by the garage. Not something a chained, naked slave girl would want to do in broad daylight but something I could do late at night without anybody noticing!

I was really nervous and excited now. Now it was time for my restraints. I went and sat on my mattress and the locked my ankles in the spreader bar. The spreader bar is two feet long and has cuffs that lock at either end that looks like this:


Next I put my next into the yoke C.B. Phile had built for me and locked it. The yoke consisted of two flat steel bars bent so that when they are put together they make a shape like this:


At each end of the bar is a locking cuff for my wrists. The yoke was already fastened by a heavy 3 foot long chain to an eye in the wall by a combination padlock. I knew the combination, but that wouldn't do me any good once the timer turned the hanging light off. Then I locked my left wrist into one cuff on the yoke. Now came the hardest part: getting my other wrist in the other cuff and locking the padlock. I had practiced this before but it still took me five minutes.

Now I was completely chastised and helplessly restrained. I was naked and locked in a steel chastity belt with a remote-control vibrating egg in my pussy. My ankles were secured to either end of a steel spreader bar and my neck and wrists were trapped in a steel yoke which was chained at the neck collar to the wall by a three foot heavy chain. I sat there on the mattress, knowing that I only had a few minutes left to turn around and unlock the combination padlock that secured the chain to the wall or I would be stuck here all night and all next day until the sun went down again and I could dare go outside restrained like this. I was growing nervous and was about to chicken out when . . .CLICK!

The timer had turned off the hanging light bulb. It was 7:00 p.m. and already too dark to see the numbers on the padlock in the dark basement. Now I truly was a chained, chastised slave girl in my dark dungeon. Yet I felt so turned on by the experience. I was very horny and wished the remote timer would turn on the vibrating egg in my pussy.

After what seemed like a very long time, I started to think that the egg's transmitter wasn't working or that it was too far away. I got up on my knees and struggled against my unyielding restraints, trying to find some position or motion which would stimulate my clit enough so that I would cum. All I did was make myself even more horny and frustrated. So I lay back down on the mattress and tried to relax to make the time go faster. Suddenly the egg came to life in my pussy. I hadn't ever tried out the egg before and wasn't prepared for how really intense the stimulation was. It was too intense and I couldn't stand it! I was suddenly screaming and thrashing around in my fetters, trying to escape the vibration between my legs but unable to. Finally it stopped and I collapsed back on the mattress. I was covered in sweat and breathing hard. Good thing I had only set the timer to deliver one-minute vibrations. But I had set the last session for 10 minutes! I would be driven out of my mind if I had to endure that much sexual torture! Yet I knew that I couldn't escape it when it came.

By now I was becoming very relaxed and must have dosed off. The next thing I knew my pussy was being stimulated by the egg again. I clinched my fists and curled my toes as I tried to withstand the vibrations, but again I couldn't stand it and started screaming and bucking my hips. My minute of stimulation seemed like an eternity as the egg tortured my over-stimulated pussy. I was so overwhelmed that I must of passed out, because I was again awakened by the fiendish egg. The intense vibrations quickly reduced me to a writhing heap.

I was tortured four times by the vibrating egg during the long night. The last time I screamed and cried so loud I was sure that the neighbors must have heard me, but fortunately they didn't. When I woke up again it was finally daylight. Now I could see to undo the combination padlock that held my neck chain to the wall. Of course I was still securely locked in my chastity belt, yoke and spreader bar, but now I could move around my dungeon. The daylight outside would keep me prisoner here until night when I could leave through the basement door and waddle around the side door to the house in my restraints without being seen. At least I could now get a drink of water and eat a snack. But first I needed to pee, so I waddled over to the waste bucket. I tried to stand over the bucket, but the spreader bar was in the way and by accident I knocked over the bucket. With extreme difficulty I got the bucket upright again, but still had no way to pee over it. So I waddled over to the center of the floor where the floor drain was and tried to pee over that. Even that was difficult with the egg in me and the cord for the egg partially blocking the slit. I had to strain to go pee and it went all over the place. Good thing I'd given myself an enema yesterday evening so I wouldn't have to shit!

Eating was possible but still difficult and humiliating. I had to get on my knees put my face in the bowl and eat my Chex Mix doggie style. Same with getting a drink from my big water bowl. Unable to use my hands I actually fell face first in the water bowl and spilled a bunch of my water! I was a mess, but all this was turning me on again. I waddled over to the mirror I'd set up. I looked like a tortured slave girl with my wet hair hanging in my face and my grimy breasts and knees. I looked at the clock and saw it was only 9:15. I still had a long time to go.

I spent most of the rest of the morning on my back on my mattress cat napping, but as noon approached I braced myself for my next pussy torture session. How I dreaded having the egg go off inside me again. My clock must have been a little fast because it showed 12:04 when the egg came to life and quickly reduced me to cries and tears of frustration. I would have another session at 3:00 and the last one at 6:00. How I dreaded the ten minute session at 6:00! Perhaps it was the mixture of dread and the thrill of being a chained slave girl that made the time pass, but finally after a whole afternoon in my dungeon I was counting down the minutes to 6:00 and my ten minutes of intense pussy torture.

At 6:03 p.m. the egg came to life. By 6:06 p.m. I was already half out of my mind trying desperately to find some position that would lessen the unbearably intense stimulation between my legs. I was crying in agony and at the same time cumming over and over! Then my head started swimming and I actually passed out. When I woke up the ordeal was finally over and I had soaked my mattress in pee. At least no more pussy torture sessions, or so I thought. I didn't realize that when the timer reached 7:04 that the cycle would begin again, but fortunately I was only tortured for one minute. But by now it was starting to get dark out side. I was still too afraid to leave my dungeon for fear of being seen and was forced to wait several more hours.

Finally it seemed dark and quiet enough outside for me to waddle to freedom. I had no idea what time it was, but I took a deep breath and opened the outside door. Then I waddled as fast as I could around the side of the garage towards the steps leading up to the back porch. I was almost there when the damn egg went off again! I collapsed in the driveway and clinched my jaw shut tight to keep from screaming. I couldn't pass out here in the driveway and fought to not pass out. Finally the egg shut off. I struggled back to my feet and climbed the steps shaking. Then I was on the porch and finally back inside my house.

It took me about five minutes to get the keys and unlock out of my restraints, but the first thing I did was unplug the damn timer and give my poor over-stimulated pussy a rest. I would still be stuck in my belt until Monday when I went to the office and got my keys back, but at least I wouldn't be tortured any more. Still it was exciting. Maybe I'll do it again next weekend!!!

The End

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