Comfort tips for Waistbands

Submitted by: Sandor and Nic

From Sandor:

During my first extended wear period with the Neosteel belt, I had considerable skin irritation under the belt itself. This time around (see other post) I have taken to tucking (well, jamming really) my t-shirt under the belt. This has eliminated the skin irritation problems. On some days when I have been particularly concerned about not having the belt show (7/24 means wearing it to work), I have worn an extra t-shirt to go over the belt. If you have been experiencing irritation from the rubber (or whatever they use to line this thing), you might give this a try. And before you ask, yes, it is not easy to get even a thin t-shirt under the belt but if you roll around on the bed while you do it it makes it easier.

From Nic:

When I was using our AD belt, I had a similar reaction to the neoprene lining. While the t-shirt trick worked, it was a little impractical for various trivial reasons.

What we ended up doing was getting four "sealt belt cushion" pads from Grand Auto. These are fabric-covered foam pads about 9 inches long that wrap around the shoulder strap of a seat belt, to provide cushioning. They're basically a rectangle with velcro down the two long edges. The pad folds in half aroung the strap and the velcro closes to make a padded tube.

They work fine with the AD belt. They increase the padding a bit, make the belt a hair tighter, are easily removed for bathing and not-quite-as-easily replaced when you're dry. They weren't visible under the clothes I normally wear. They cost about $3 each, and are available in plain and sheepskin versions.


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