Tips for fixing rubber edging

Submitted by: Chris, Dirk and Bard

Chris writes:

It seems to be a common problem that the padding of belts peels off from time to time. Some suggestions have been made to fix this problem. Unfortunately the recommended adhesives resp. glues are not available throughout the world or it is a little messy to get them. Therefore I'd like to give additional advice for those living in Europe.

Please note, that the following applies just for the Walter Goethals and the Access-Denied (or similar) belts.

First of all, let me come to the Goethals belt with its white foam: I made very good experience in fixing the foam with 'PATTEX-transparent'. This is a one-component glue of Henkel. If You work properly, the result is even dishwasher-safe.

In a first step you have to peel off every remaining rest of the original adhesive, which lies like a film between steel and foam. Second step is to clean the steel with Isopropanol or Acetone. (Ask in a pharmacie). Now you can take the glue and apply to the surface. Let it dry a little and then press both parts together. The higher the pressure, the better the result.

Older Access-Denied or similar belts: PATTEX don't work here, because surfaces are not big enough. I had the biggest problem not on the waistband but at the frontal shield, where the thin rubber edging always came off. Btw. first time after 12 hours of continuous wear. After some useless efforts I ended happily with "UHU-endfest 300" from UHU. This is a two component-glue basing on epoxid, which needs some heat for a solid result.

As always You have to clean the parts You want to fix together. They must be absolutely free of any grease, oil, or dust. Use Isopropanol or Acetone. Now you should follow the instructions coming with the product. When both components are mixed, You just have some minutes to apply the mixture. Wipe off excess glue and then put your belt in an oven. (I'd recommend 80 degrees C). Watch the process carefully! The reason therefore is the material at the top of the frontshield just below the holes for locking. This material shrinks under heat. But nothing You have to worry about. If it starts shrinking, just take out your belt and make it smooth again. (Don't burn yourself) A powerful hairdryer may be as good as the oven, but I tried not.

Hope, my comment is useful at least for some of You,

Dirk writes:

People here have used different adhesives for this with success. Goop seems to be popular. I prefer Duro Quick-Gel Super Glue; normal Super Glue runs like water and makes a terrible mess. I used Super Glue on mine and it's still okay a year later -- but then mine doesn't get used as frequently as it used to.

Bard writes:

I have used every adhesive.. but the absolute BEST for sticking the rubber edging to the SS shield is a product called PROBOND Polyurethane glue from Elmer's Products. Nothing else I have tried lasted more than a few weeks of wear. Probond has kept sticking for months now with no problems whatsoever.

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