Making Home Built Measuring Belt

Submitted by: Klaus

During the last few days I have built myself a measuring belt from inexpensive parts. I have told Altairboy that he may put this description on his website if he chooses to do so. I also have a set of photos to illustrate my effort.

It started about a week ago when I found a rectangular steel sheet 36 by 2 inch in the workshop scrap box and it was ok to take it. Back home I wrapped it in a few layers of parcel tape to cover the steel surface and to round the edges sufficiently as to not scratch the skin. On either end a hole was drilled to fit a padlock, and the waist belt was ready for the first try.

I rapidly felt that the inside end of the belt was too sharp even with the tape on, so i got myself one sheet from the kitchen roll, folded it several times and fixed it with the tape onto the edge to round it sufficently.

nt90314a.jpg With some bending of the sheet to adjust it to my body it is within limits comfortable to wear. The padlock hasp prodrudes somewhat inwards, but this is not a real problem as long as the brass part sticks outwards. I even drilled another hole for a narrower setting to check for the minimum waist circumference I can endure.

Intrigued by this locking measuring belt I started to wonder if one could extend it to a full measuring cb. Taking a piece of ordinary chain I had at hand and roughly putting it into place it happened to have about the right length for the cheek chains. With a piece of tape about 6 inch long put through the chain link both ends of the chain were taped to the rear part of the waist belt.

For the front shield I started with some cardboard which I also covered with the parcel tape. The middle chain link was taped to the lower end. Trying two settings I prefer the two chains running off apart from each other. On the top end I cut a hole and secured it with aluminum foil folded lots of times so the haps does not tear the cardboard but pulls against the metal secured with tape. I had to shorten the cardboard once to get the size right.

nt90314b.jpg The penis tube is just a plastic film box cut open at the bottom and covered with tape again to round the edges. When putting the belt on, some tape is loosely attached to the tube and the secured to the front shield once it is in place.

One feels at once that the waist belt is lacking some padding to round its edges. And with its width of 2 inch it is almost too wide to fit between the ribs and the hip bone. But it is rigid to allow for a good measurement. I tried a leather belt for comparison, and in pressing with the stomach it was more like a rubber band than a rigid belt. The leather belt definitely does not provide me with a good measure for my controlled waist. So get a strip of metal, some tape and a padlock, drill a few holes, and do use this for measuring.

First I connected the cheek chains in the middle of the shield. But it turned out that this way the chains tend to run through the crack which I do not like particularly in considering activity number two. Then I taped the middle link differently having the chains leaving the shield on the two sides, and now the chains run over the cheeksand usually tend remain there most of the time. Even with straight links the chains is reasonably comfortable, but I suspect the links would show through the back of the pants.

nt90314c.jpg To put the penis tube on, in a variation of the stocking trick I use cardboard I wrap around my necessarily limp member and then slide the tube over it into place. If I start getting hard the cardboard pinches if I dare to try it then.

As the belt with a small front shield tends to pinch my testicles I put another cardboard in place to widen it in this appropriate location, and it does improve. But now when sitting I have to keep my legs slightly spread apart, the wide shield part has to start low enough to retain my testicles under the belt.

With the tube and the member under the front shield the sides of the skin are not fully snug. If interested I can slip my fingers underneath and touch both base and tip of my penis, and I think I would be similar if I had not used the somewhat flexible cardboard. It even goes so far that pulling on the base of my flaccid penis with one finger poking in from each side I could pull it out of the tube - and then slip it out sideways. Perhaps uncomfortable in the long run, but access no longer denied.

With these household materials used the belt is not suitable for long wear. For obvious reasons I did not try any restroom duties. And except for the escape-proof waist belt it could be easily cut off. But I was pleasantly surprised that it is mechanically strong enough to withstand some exploring attempts.

With a similar belt but of appropriate workmanship I am confident I could wear it longer than short term. Still the possibility to slip my member out of the tube of this prototype worries me, and I wonder whether a suitably bent metal front shield from a 'standard' belt or an even stickier tube are up to prevent this. And there is this gap between the shield and the skin allowing for side access. Somehow I think that incorporating cup/protector elements into the design could improve it. It need not be as far-reaching as the Latowski design, but somehow along the lines of this 'australian belt' which provides some dedicated space for the testicles, too. Suitably rounded it could sit on the pelvic bone thus disallowing finger access to the base.

But assuming this problem solved I would consider the following modifications to the standard designs now on offer. First I would go for a lock difficult to pick. Information on the web tells that (and how) ordinary padlocks can be easily opened. I hope that these circular locks are more secure, and I like the aesthetical rounded look as well. Second I would like to have the rear straps either made of stainless steel or have them coated in something like plastisol, but I still wonder how flexible they would be. Third a cup or cover design to better encase the jewels. It would mean metal welding or hammering into shape instead of simply bending a flat piece of steel into the form required.

Yours sincerely,

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