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Now I know why Walter uses closed cell foam.

After the thin layer of foam on my Walter's anus ring came loose, I tried to re-glue in place. I used the same glue that I had success with re-attaching the neoprene liner to my Jones belt, but it didn't seem to work as well on the closed cell foam Walter applied to my belt.

I tried to wear the belt without the foam, but it was a little uncomfortable. So, next I tried to tape it on by wrapping the foam and the ring with plastic electrical tape. I was also hoping to make the ring a little more comfortable to sit on since I have an office job. When wearing a Walter Goethals belt I noticed not all chairs are created equally - my office chair is ok, but some other chairs are harder and made the anus ring noticable when sitting on certain types of lessly padded chairs.

I thought it might be better to get a slightly thicker sheet of foam, but I couldn't find a thin sheet of foam (originally Walter attached a 1/16" covering). I did obtain some closed cell but it was much thicker so I kept searching for some thinner stuff. The other day I found a 1/8" sheet of foam and it seemed to be like the stuff Walter had applied, but it did not feel quite the same. I was not sure if it was the closed type. I thought what the heck, what difference does it make?

After cutting out pieces to fit the anus ring, I decided to tape them on as the tape shielded the metal edges.

This morning I took my first shower. When done cleaning my body, I took the shower head down (it is on a hose) and squirted up into my cock tube and around the ring to make sure everything was clean. I got out of the shower and toweled myself dry, got dressed and headed off to work. Since I don't eat breakfast I hadn't sat down except for about 10 seconds to put my socks & shoes on.

When I got to work and started walking across the parking lot, I noticed a definite chill on my backside - almost like I had split my pants open. I reached back there and felt around. I had what seemed to be a large wet spot. Once in my office I went down to the men's room and looked at myself in the mirror. Sure enough, where the foam was, I now had an oval circle in my pants that was all wet. It wasn't that noticable, so I decided to stay at work.

I went into a stall and squeezed the ring and water was still dripping out of the foam. This was not good! I got out of the stall and grabbed a bunch of paper towels and tried to absorb as much moisture out of my pants as well as my cloth and steel underwear. Then I put more towels in my pants - like a diaper - to help trap any addtional moisture that might leak out.

Carefully, I walked back to my desk, knowing I had a wet rearend. I stood up a lot trying to get some air circulation to help my pants dry. Although I was extremely self concious about the wet spot, no one said anything to me even though I thought it was quite obvious.

So if you're going to use foam on your belt, make sure it doesn't retain the water from your shower (test it before you lock the belt on), or you might have some fun explaining why you have wet pants.

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