Update on ChastiLock

Submitted by: Anonymous

I thought I'd drop you a post and update on the chastilock. We've now made over 100 of these fiendish and delightful devices and with only two exceptions the purchasers, (not necessarily the wearers) have been pleased with the amount of passive restraint they offer. The wearers (including myself) have no problems with them during prolonged use.

In reality most of us who use and wear them have actually had our sex lives with our wives, mistresses, girlfriends actually improve. At age 50 plus, my sex has gone from weekly to 6 (sometimes 7) days per week, but there is a catch -- in order for me to be released I am required to use all my talents (and tongue) to make her really want sex.

So who'se complaining!

nt90312a.jpg nt90312b.jpg nt90312c.jpg

As you can see the device is a great attachment point for almost anything handcuff, bells, or leash. I've diescovered just how submissive I can be when my hands are cuffed and the leash is attached. I'll willingly follow her anywhere -- even into a party.


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