The Bitchy Tease - Permanent Chastity

Submitted by: SM

Tonight is yet another anniversary of my not cuming. It is the sixth anniversary of the last time I had an orgasm. As always, Jessica has planned something for the event. "Tonight is going to be really special! After tonight you're really going to have something to celebrate!"

As always, I'm not sure how to take this, as an omen of good or bad I cannot be sure. Even though she has told me that I'm never going to cum again there is always the chance that she could change her mind. I'm always thinking that maybe tonight will be that night. After all, she usually takes my cock cage off on these anniversary nights for me, maybe tonight she will take it off for good.

It is ten o'clock at night. Jessica has just come home. She has taken off allof her clothes and is lying on the bed, wearing only dark red lipstick and a wicked smile.

"Happy anniversary honey! It's been six full years since I've let you cum! That's quite an accomplishment, you must be very proud!" Jessica looks at me with a sneer on her face. She beckons me to come over to her on the bed. I am naked, wearing only my cock cage. I lie down next to Jessica on the bed.

"You've done so well. I'd never have guessed you'd make it this far. I'd have thought that you'd have rebelled long ago and insisted on cuming! But you haven't, have you? No, you've been a good little wimp and have done exactly as I've told you to."

Jessica begins kissing my face tenderly.

"And look at all the good that's come from that. Let's see. You haven't had sex with me in six years, while I've had dozens of lovers. You haven't had an orgasm in six years and your cock is kept in a cage 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with me holding the only key. You're kept in a constant and painful state of sexual frustration, your balls are always blue and you are constantly being humiliated by your beautiful, sexy and lust driven wife. Sounds like you've done alright for yourself!"

Jessica begins licking my face with her tongue.

"And so tonight we celebrate another year of your continuing frustration. Another year of my bitchy domination of you. Another year of my pussy's victory over your balls and your cock. Poor little wimp! Never gets his way! Poor baby! But tonight is going to be very special for you! Tonight there willbe some changes for the better for me! Are you excited?"

I nod my head.

"You should be. After tonight your life will be different, you'll see."

Hmm. Maybe tonight will be good for me after all. Maybe tonight is the night that I'll get to cum after these six long years. I'll soon find out.

Jessica takes out the key and holds it up in front of me to see.

"We won't be needing this key anymore after tonight! That's good news!" Jessica giggles. Could it be! Could it possibly be that she will be setting me free tonight? God, I hope so! It has to mean that! What else could she mean? I try to restrain my excitement. I wouldn't want to upset Jessica. I keep my excitement to myself.

Jessica unlocks the cock cage and pulls it off. My cock immediately erects. Jessica grips my cock in her hand and begins to stroke it a bit. It feels amazing to be held after an entire year of being locked up. After a few moments of stroking it, Jessica pulls me on top of her.

"You may rub your cock against my pussy now." Jessica says in her most arrogant tone of voice. I immediately begin rubbing my cock against her. Her pussy is so warm and moist. I begin rubbing up against her and I can feel waves of total excitement cascading over me. I'm entering a zone of hypnotic focus. Having my cock locked up for six years and only being allowed out of the cage for an hour or two once a year makes the sensation of feeling my wife's pussy unbelievably exciting. I continue rubbing against her pussy. I can feel it getting wetter and wetter. As I continue Jessica begins licking my face further intensifying my excitement. Her pointed tongue darts sensually around my face. Then she begins licking my face like an ice cream cone. She begins arching her pelvis up a bit so that more of her pussy is exposed to my cock. I can feel her pussy lips begin to part as I continue thrusting.

"Enjoying yourself?"

"Oh, yes, more than words can describe."

"That's nice." Jessica gets up and goes to the kitchen and comes back with the ice pack that she uses to cool me down when I start getting too excited. She gets back into bed and places the ice pack facing away from her on top of her pussy so that my cock is suddenly encased in ice and immediately begins to shrink. After a few moments my cock has shrunk to a very small size. When Jessica sees this she pulls the ice away and I commence rubbing up against her pussy again.

This continues for about an hour, with me getting so close to cuming and then Jessica stopping me with the ice and shrinking back to being soft again. I'm hard again and rubbing up against Jessica's pussy once more.

"How frustrated are you?" Jessica asks.

"I'm totally frustrated. I haven't cum in six years and you've just let me rub my cock against your pussy for the last hour. I'm starting to get that burning sensation. It feels like my balls are going to explode! I feel this hot, burning sensation throughout my cock and balls. It's so painful I almost want to stop. I don't know what I want, I'm in so much pain."

"Oh, poor confused little baby. We can't have you in pain, now can we? No, that wouldn't be right, after all, this is your night, this is your anniversary. Let's see if we can't take care of that pain, shall we?"

Jessica gets up and goes to the closet. She comes back with a new pair of shoes. They are incredibly sexy platform open toed heels. They have a very thick platform underneath Jessica's feet. They are black and very feminine and very sexy. Her pretty toes stick out, they are painted a dark red.

"Get on all fours and spread your legs." Jessica walks behind me.

"Do your balls hurt from all the frustration?"

"Yes, they ache terribly."

"Well, we can't have that, now can we?"

"Well, it would be nice if..."

I am interrupted by a ferocious kick to my balls from behind me. Jessica's right foot slammed into my balls and then on into my cock. The pain is unbearable for a moment. I stay on my hands and knees.

"Do your balls still hurt from the frustration?"

"No, now they hurt from being kicked."

"Well, you said you were frustrated and you didn't like it. I'm not through relieving your frustration, however. I'm going to kick you five times. That was just a practice kick. Now there are five more. After I'm done kicking you I'm going to lie down on the bed and I want you to lie on top of me. Here comes the next one.

Jessica swings her beautiful foot back and then slams it into my balls. The pain is agonizing. And then another kick, and another, and another and another. I am disoriented by all the pain. I am nauseous and woozy from having my balls kicked so cruelly. Jessica gets back on top of the bed and I follow suit. She lies down and as instructed I lie down on top of her. She is wearing an evil smile.

Though I am still in incredible pain I can tell that Jessica has begun fingering herself. Jessica has started masturbating. She is rubbing herself fervently with her right hand as I lay slumped on top of her writhing in pain.

"Kiss my face." Jessica instructs. I'm still reeling from the pain in my groin but I begin tenderly kissing her face. Jessica has this incredible smile on her face.

"Kicking you in the balls got me so hot! It was such a turn-on! It's funny, but all this time I've been kicking you in the balls figuratively. But now, having kicked you in the balls literally I can see what I've been missing out on! I loved it! Oh, I am so turned-on."

Jessica continues rubbing herself as I continue kissing her face. Jessica sounds as if she is rapidly approaching orgasm. But, much to my surprise she stops.

"I don't want to cum quite yet. I have a few more things I want to do to you before that. I always get a little tired after I cum and I wouldn't want to miss out on the expression on your face I think I'm going to see in just a few moments."

"Rub up against my pussy for a little while."

Though still in a lot of pain I quickly get completely hard rubbing against Jessica's beautiful pussy. Even her pussy has an air of haughty bitchiness. Her swollen and engorged pussy lips pouting in expectant satiation. After a few more minutes of this Jessica gets up and takes out some things from her night stand. She places an object on the bed. It looks like two clear tubes of plastic with a plunger on one end and a pointed tip on the other. One of the tubes is clear and the other is slightly brown colored. I think it's some kind of epoxy glue dispenser.

"Remember earlier when I said that we wouldn't be needing the key anymore?"


"Well, what did you think I meant by that?"

"Well, I thought that it meant that you were not going to make me wear that cock cage anymore."

"Good, that's what I wanted you to think."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, did you really think I was going to free you from your cage?"


"Have you learned nothing from the last six years? Let me ask you this. Have I been getting nicer to you in these last six years? Have I been getting more sweet and caring and loving?"

"Well, not exactly."

"Not exactly! No, my pathetic, stupid little wimp of a husband. I'm not going to take off your cock cage. In fact, just the opposite. Do you see this plastic device? This is epoxy glue. I went to the hardware store and I asked them for the epoxy that was insoluble, that is, for the glue that can't be undone. They said that this was the strongest, industrial grade epoxy that was manufactured. They said once applied it's impossible to remove. Do you know what I'm going to do with it?"


"Well, I'm going to fill the key hole of the lock on your cock cage with epoxy glue. What that means is that in just a few moments I'm going to permanently close the cock cage on you. After I put the cage back on you I'm going to fill the key hole of the lock with the epoxy. Then, you will never be able to remove the cock cage!"

I'm stunned. This was the last thing I was expecting. I begin crying. Jessica begins kissing my face tenderly.

"Oh, poor baby. It's just that you got too much pleasure once a year from rubbing against my pussy like that. But your pathetic little cock is so small! It's not right that it's allowed to feel my pussy, even once a year for an hour. I'm sure you know that what I'm saying is true. You know I'm being reasonable. And now it's time for you to be reasonable. It's not fair for such a pathetic little penis to have access, even once a year, to such a beautiful and perfect pussy as mine! No, your pathetic excuse for a cock needs to be locked away. And you need to be punished for having such an embarrassment for your manhood! So, what I'm doing is only what's fair given the circumstances darling."

Jessica begins licking up my tears. She continues so that my whole face becomes covered in her saliva.

"Besides, it's kind of fun to increase your frustration. I mean, first I make you were that cock cage, then I forbid you to cum, then I forbid you to fuck me, then I forbid you to take off the cock cage ever! It's just too delicious, don't you think? And it's all just a natural progression, anyway. The longer I'm married to you the more I want to frustrate you and deny you. It's only natural that as time goes on I'm going to take away more and more from you. That just proves how much I love you! Just think of my bitchiness as love and you'll feel better! Everytime I forbid you from gratification and pleasure from my body it's just my way of saying "I love you darling!"

Jessica begins to laugh mockingly.

"Or, you can finally accept the fact that I'm just an incredibly sexy woman who likes being a bitch to you! That it's not love I'm showing you with each new frustration I add to your life, but just simple sadistic selfishness! And that it's not that I love you that I am doing these horrible things to you but that I find your pathetic submission to me mildly entertaining. That in every new cruel thing I come up to do to you fills me with a kind of girlish thrill. That watching you never resist my cruel bitchy selfishness just gets me all the more disgusted by you, feeding my desire to debase and degrade you! That with every passing day of your continued sexual frustration by me you become less and less my husband and more and more a pathetic excuse for a man, you become a wimp, a plaything, a nothing who deserves everything I do to him!"

Jessica smiles with cruel delight at what she is saying to me.

"Since this is the last time you will have your cock unimprisoned in the cock cage for the rest of your life, I think it's only fair to make this a special occasion for you. You've already felt my pussy against your cock for the last time. So, I thought I would treat you to one last blow job."

Jessica gets on her knees and begins kissing my cock. Knowing that I am about to be locked up is just making every sensation that much more intense. Jessica begins slowly licking the underside of my cock. She kisses and licks along the entire length of the shaft. She moves down to the base of my cock with her lips and tongue. She begins gently kissing my balls.

"Poor little balls! So, blue, so frustrated! Your balls had no idea what they were getting themselves in for when they met me did they? No, how could they. Poor little blue balls!" Jessica continues kissing them for a moment.

She then increases the speed with which she is licking my cock. She works her way up the shaft to the tip. She begins sucking on the tip of my cock and then proceeds to take my entire cock into her mouth. She is both sucking on it and licking it. I am losing my mind from being so turned on. My balls feel as if they are about to explode. After a few more moments of this Jessica abruptly stops.

"That's all you get! It better last a lifetime, it's going to have to!"

Jessica gets up and goes to the night stand where she has a number of things. She walks back over to me. She is carrying a condom and a tube of Ben-Gay Extra Strong ointment.

"We have to get your cock shrunk back down to put you back in your cock cage. But instead of doing it the easy way we always do it, with the ice pack, I thought since this is your last moment of penile freedom, why not make it a momentous memory! Besides, I'd rather your last memory of being without the cock cage around your cock be a particularly painful one. You know me, always a bitch!"

Jessica opens the condom container and takes out the condom. She unrolls it and then opens the tube of Ben-Gay. While smiling evilly at me, she proceeds to pour a voluptuous amount of the Ben-Gay ointment into the condom. She keeps squeezing and squeezing so that half the tube is now inside the condom. Satisfied with the amount Jessica re-caps the Ben-Gay and puts it down on the night stand.

"Now, I want you to beg me to pour the epoxy into the key hole of the lock on your cock cage. I want you to beg me for the privilege of being frustrated forever! Go ahead, beg!" Jessica says with an air of pitying superiority.

"Please Jessica, please seal the key-hole on the lock of my cock cage so that it can never be taken off."

"But why, why should I even bother?"

"Because my cock is too pathetic to be allowed any pleasurable sensation. My cock is too petite and small to be allowed next to your beautiful and perfect pussy! Please, Jessica, please lock me up forever so that I will never again have any pleasurable sensation on my cock! Please seal me into this cock cage forever, I beg you Jessica!"

"Oh, alright, if that's what you really want! You're so pathetic, begging to be locked forever in his cock cage! Alright, I'll begin the process now."

Jessica bends over and places a final kiss on the tip of my fully erect penis. "Poor little penis, never to be kissed or touched ever again! Oh well."

Jessica begins pulling the condom over my cock. Because my cock is smaller than average it easily fits into the unrolled and Ben-Gay filled condom. Jessica pulls it all the way on makes sure it is firmly in its place.

"There, this ought to be fun!" Jessica says with cruel delight.

Jessica begins kissing me hard on the mouth. Her tongue almost raping my mouth with its urgency. For a moment I feel nothing from the condom. But then, after about ten seconds I begin to feel the burning start. It is as if my cock were being held over an open flame. Soon the burning is excruciating. I begin moaning from the pain. Jessica, apparently excited by my expression of pain continues licking the inside of my mouth with her tongue. After another ten seconds I fall over from the pain and am writhing on the ground from the excruciating burning that is devouring my cock.

"Oh, poor baby! That's gotta hurt!" Jessica says with a laugh.

For about another ten minutes I lie on the ground squirming from the pain. Jessica finally tires of watching me and pulls me up to my feet.

"Oh look, no more erection! Time for your penis to start serving its life imprisonment in solitary confinement!"

I look down at my cock, and indeed it is flaccid. The Ben-Gay has done its job. Jessica removes the torture condom and throws it out.

Jessica gets up and goes over to the epoxy applicator. She takes a knife and cuts off the end of the tip. She begins pushing down on the plunger so that the epoxy flows out into a little cup she has. Jessica then picks up a little wooden stirrer and begins stirring up the epoxy so that it is fully mixed up.

"There, that should do it. Now the instructions say that after the epoxy is fully mixed up you should put it immediately on the area to be treated. And then it takes 24 hours to fully set. So, no shower for you tomorrow! Okay here it comes!"

Jessica doles out a good sized amount of epoxy and using the wooden stick she proceeds to smear the epoxy into the key-hole on the lock of my cock cage. Jessica goes back to the cup for another load. She is totally filling the key-hole with epoxy. I notice how she seems to be extra careful to fill the hole completely. She goes back for one more scoop of epoxy and then fills up the hole completely. She then takes the epoxy and the cup and stick to the garbage in the kitchen. She then returns with a smile on her face. She walks over to me and kisses me deeply on the lips.

"There, all done! And I am so horny! Time for my orgasm!"

Filled with the hypnotic effect of all of Jessica's incredible bitchiness to me I make a strange request, strange from my standpoint, not from Jessica's.

"Jessica, now that you've locked me forever in this cock cage could I make one request before you start masturbating in front of me?"

"What is it?" Jessica asks irritably.

"Well, I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind kicking me in the balls once more, just to commemorate your full victory over my manhood?"

"Why, that's a wonderful idea! Of course, sweetie, if that's what you'd like. Of course I'll kick you in the balls a few more times! Anything to please my husband! But it's not quite the full victory just yet. "

I get on my hands and knees facing away from Jessica. She walks behind me. Once I am in position I am waiting for her to kick. She, waits a moment, keeping me waiting and off guard. But then, out of nowhere comes the first vicious kick to my balls. After a moment another kick, and another, and another and then finally one last kick. Jessica walks around in front of me so that her perfectly manicured red toe-nailed feet, encased in their four inch high platform wedge and heel are right in front of my face. I begin kissing the right foot, the one Jessica kicks me with. I place a number of reverential kisses on her toes and on the arch of her delicate and beautiful foot. Jessica begins to laugh.

Jessica walks away and gets on top of the bed and motions for me to lie on top of her. She begins rubbing her clit with her right index finger. She pushes me down so I can watch her masturbate. I move down so that my head is resting on her thigh. She continues rubbing herself. Her pussy lips are now flushed, swollen and engorged.

"Locking you up forever has just made me soooooo horny! I can't wait to cum! Ooops, that reminds me, it's your sixth anniversary of not cumming! In all the excitement I guess I forgot! Tonight was supposed to be all about you and again I've made it into a night for me. Oh, well, I really am so selfish sometimes."

Jessica speeds up her rubbing so that I can see that she is just moments away from cuming. She begins making sighing and then those little girlish sounds she begins to make as she starts to cum. Jessica begins cuming and lets out a little cry of excitement, joy and contentment. She cums for what seems like such a long time, possibly a whole minute. As she cums her body buckles a bit and her toes curl in the most sexy and girlish fashion. She then goes limp for a moment and her eyes close. After another minute her eyes open up.

"That was delicious! What a deep orgasm that was! Yum!"

Jessica rolls over onto her stomach. She raises up her ass just a smidgen. She starts to talk in her little girl voice that she frequently uses after she has cum.

"Poor little husband! Now he will never feel his wife's pussy on his cock ever again! And now he won't even ever feel his cock again without the cock cage! Are you mad at me for filling in the key-hole with that nasty epoxy glue?"

"No, I understand."

"Well then, go ahead and thank me by kissing my ass. Kiss my pretty little asshole. Show me how much you appreciate all I do for you!"

I begin tenderly kissing her puckered asshole. I shower it with kisses and then begin to gently lick it.

"Good! Little husband is soooooo understanding of his bitchy wife's need to be a bitch to him! Little husband is just so nice to let his bitchy wife do anything she wants to him."

My worship of Jessica's asshole is even more passionate given the context of what she has just done to me. Knowing that she has permanently locked me into the cock cage just fills me with self-destructive adoration of Jessica's asshole.

"And now you never have to worry about when you get to feel your wifey's sweet little pussy because - you don't! I just made your life so much simpler! I'm so nice to you, I hope you appreciate all the things I do for you! Do you?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Good. Tell me how much you love that I just locked your cock cage on you forever and now I'm making you kiss my asshole."

"I love that I can now never take off my cock cage and that I will never again feel your pussy against my cock."

"You don't really mind being locked up forever do you?"

"If it makes you happy, I don't mind."

"Good, cause it makes me soooooo happy to do this to you. Little hubby isn't mad at his wife now is he?"


"Because wifey needs to treat husband sooooooo badly! She needs to be bitchier and bitchier with each passing year!"

"I'm sleepy. Time for sleep!" Jessica says as she rolls over.

She places her hand gently on to my cock cage.

"Bye little penis! Won't be seeing you any more! Oh, poor little penis, locked up for life. Oh, well. Poor little hubby! What will his bitchy wife think up next?"

Jessica rolls over and falls fast asleep. I stay awake thinking about her last statement.....

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