The Bitchy Tease - Cuckolded

Fiction by SM

"I'm going to have sex tonight, with Paul, so you have to get me ready for him." Jessica beams as she says this. Paul is her latest lover. A successful internet entrepreneur, he is a tall, handsome and very financially well off man. Jessica met him a couple of months ago and has slowly but steadily been seeing more and more of him. Though Jessica wasn't sure how he well he'd tolerate our unusual marriage, he has taken to it with gusto. Apparently, he finds Jessica's teasing denial of me a real turn on.

"Time for my bath." Jessica announces. Before Jessica entertains a lover we have a ritual or two to do before they meet. I help Jessica bathe, I help Jessica dress, and, depending on whether she will be cuckolding me in our bedroom or elsewhere, she prepares me. If she is cuckolding me here in our home Jessica will usually make me dress in some humiliating outfit

Jessica gets into her bath. It is of course a bubble bath. She hands me the sponge. My responsibility is to clean her. I soap up the sponge and get started. Jessica extends her leg and extends her foot as I fun the sponge from the tip of her toes all the way down her leg. Jessica just relaxes as I cover every inch of her with the sponge. She rolls over and extends her ass into the air so I can clean it. Her ass looks so hot as it extends above the water line. I carefully rub the sponge along every inch of her crack and across her beautiful puckered asshole. After a few more minutes I'm finished and Jessica gets up out of the bath while I towel her dry. She stretches out luxuriously as I towel every inch of her dry.

Jessica moves to the bed where she lies down. She always has me give her a pedicure before entertaining a lover. I retrieve her favorite color, a dark red Chanel, and grab a handful of cotton balls. After carefully placing the cotton balls between each of her toes I begin painting her toenails.

After I finish blowing on her nails to make sure they are dry, Jessica instructs me to come up next to her on the bed. "Here, place your cock cage next to my pussy while we have a little chat." I move up and gently place my imprisoned cock up against her beautiful pussy.

"It must be hard for you knowing that in just a little while another man's cock is going to be inside your wife's pussy. I mean, normally, a wife's pussy is a sacred place that only her husband is allowed within. It is the place where a husband and wife are at their most intimate. But not for you. For you, your wife's pussy is the one place you are not allowed to be, ever. For you, your wife's pussy is a rejecting and humiliating place. Instead of it being the place of greatest intimacy it is the place of greatest frustration and humiliation for you. And knowing that another man is going to be fulfilling your wife must be just so weird for you." Jessica begins kissing my face tenderly and begins gently licking my face.

"It must be so humiliating to you that you can't satisfy your wife and she has to fuck other men to be fulfilled. The fact that not only does your wife deny you the right to satisfy her but the knowledge that you can't satisfy her. That your cock is so like a little boy's that your wife won't even let you attempt to satisfy her."

Jessica begins licking my face more aggressively, with broad strokes of her tongue against my lips and cheeks.

"I mean, here you are, my husband, and you let your wife deny you having intercourse with her for five years, and then you let your wife deny you from even cumming for over five years and then you let your wife tell you that you have to keep your cock in a metal cage for over five years. You let your wife treat you so badly, you let your wife tease, deny and humiliate you in this way. You never even put up a fight! And now you are helping your wife to cuckold you by painting her toenails, bathing her and dressing her to look her sexiest for your rival! What kind of a man are you?" Jessica continues kissing and licking my face as I am hypnotized by her words.

"How can you let me treat you like this? No sex, no cumming, your wife cuckolding you constantly and your cock in a cage everyday for five years! I guess you deserve to be treated this way. Any man who would let his wife do this to him without any resistance doesn't deserve any respect. And I just want you to know that I have no respect for you, none whatsoever."

Jessica looks me in the eye intensely as she says these words: "I have no respect for you at all. In fact, I have nothing but contempt for you, my spineless excuse for a husband." Jessica begins kissing my face tenderly. "You are a spineless, weak, pathetic excuse for a man with a tiny little cock. As I've watched you endure my ever more bitchy behavior toward you I've watched my respect for you fade. Now I only see you as a pathetic excuse for a man. Would a real man help his wife get ready to have sex with another man? Would a real man let his wife dictate that he is not permitted to cum, ever? Would a real man accept his wife decreeing that he is never again allowed to fuck her? I don't think those are the actions of a real man. Certainly not the kind of man that could excite me. No, you're more like a little lap dog. That makes sense since lapping is about the only sexual experience I still permit you. You don't excite me, you disgust me. And, sadly for you, the more you disgust me the more I want to punish and degrade and hurt you. It's a downward spiral for you. Now move down to my pussy."

I move down to Jessica's pussy.

"You may kiss my pussy lightly. I want my pussy juice to be running when I meet Paul in a little while."

I begin lightly kissing Jessica delicious pussy.

"Yes, get your wife's pussy ready for another man's cock. Get your wife's pussy moist for another man to fuck. Kiss the object of your frustration, your humiliation, your emasculation."

I begin more passionately kissing and licking Jessica's ever more moist pussy. The more she degrades me the more passionately I want to kiss her.

"Worship the essence of my womanhood. The core of my femininity. Worship the altar of your degradation and diminishment. Know that in just a little while another man's cock is going to be where your tongue is now. That another man is going to satisfy and fulfill your wife. That your wife has to go to another man to feel like a woman. That you help your wife look extra sexy so that she can get fulfillment from another man."

I continue kissing Jessica's pussy for another ten minutes. Eventually she gets up and returns with a device. It is another cock cage. A much crueler cock cage. It is called a KTB and is a very cruel device that consists of a circular row of metallic teeth that surround the wearer's cock. As long as one's penis is flaccid, no problem. But the moment one starts to erect the teeth come into play and begin pressing against one's cock. The harder one's erection the more painful the sensation. It is with this device that Jessica truly uses my attraction to her against me.

"Time to get ready for tonight!" Jessica giggles as she begins unlocking my regular cock cage and immediately places my cock into the KTB. After a moment she snaps on the padlock that keeps it locked in place.

"Since, you must be punished because your prick is too small to do anything with, and your wife has to seek satisfaction with another man, I will use this KTB everytime I am with another man."

Jessica bends down and plants a big kiss on the tip of my penis. This instantly causes me to erect and just as instantly the horrible pain from the KTB starts shooting into me. Jessica begins giggling.

"Oh, poor baby. What a predicament you are in! The more aroused you become the more pain you create for yourself. The more pleasure you feel the more pain you feel! Hubby never gets a break does he?"

Jessica plants another kiss on the head of my cock and then watches my face as it contorts from pain. Again Jessica starts to giggle.

"Time to get dressed!" Jessica announces.

Jessica goes into her closet and begins to bring out what she is going to wear. She begins dressing. She puts on an extremely short black cocktail dress. She places her sexiest black open-toed high-heeled shoes on. She puts a choker on. She puts just a little perfume on and then applies a layer of dark red lipstick on. She looks absolutely stunning and utterly sexy.

"I'm going to meet Paul for dinner and then we are going to go back to his place. Then, after I return you will be allowed to clean me out with your tongue."

Jessica pushes me down to my knees straddles my face. "I want you to sniff me one last time and make sure everything smells clean." She straddles my face and places her dress over my face. I press my nose up against her pussy. It smells sweet and wonderful. I tell her so.

Jessica goes over to the doorway and places her hands against the door and then pushes her ass out toward me.

"Good, now sniff my asshole and make sure it smells nice and clean for Paul."

I push my nose between her ass cheeks and take a sniff. Her asshole smells a combination of sweet and tangy. It smells utterly delicious and I am transfixed by the scent. I wish I could kiss it but I dare not without Jessica's permission.

"Well, does it smell clean or not? I don't need a ten page report on how much you wish you could worship my asshole, I only need to know does it smell clean for Paul?"

"It smells wonderful and completely clean, Jessica."


Jessica turns around and pulls me up to my feet. She is about to leave but seeing me wearing the KTB cage she can't resist but cause me pain one more time before she leaves. She bends over a little bit and proceeds to kiss it on the head one more time. She then extends her tongue and lightly runs it across the bottom of my penis. This causes a sudden and massive surge of blood to my penis as it starts to erect. As it does a sharp shooting pain begins as the metal teeth of the KTB begins to press up against my erecting cock. I grimace in pain and Jessica begins to giggle once more.

"Oh, poor baby. Everytime I try to please you it only ends up hurting you! What's a poor hubby to do? Well, try to stay soft, at least until I get home. Have a nice night!"

Jessica heads out the door.

* * *

Four hours later Jessica returns home. She quickly takes off all of her clothes and gets on top of the bed. She motions for me to come over and lay on top of her. She has a blissed out smile on her face. Her legs are spread as I carefully maneuver my KTB covered cock against her thigh.

"I just want you to know, I think that was the most deeply satisfying fuck I think I've ever had. Paul's cock is so hard, so big, so masculine. And the way he fucks is so, so, so masterful. He has all this deep masculine fire. I just feel so feminine when he's inside me."

Jessica closes her eyes and seems almost in a reverie. She has this dreamy expression on her face as if she is still feeling Paul's cock inside of her. After a few more minutes of this she rouses herself.

"Oh, now where was I? Oh yes, Paul's big cock." Jessica begins kissing my face. "What's the matter, you look so sad. Are you sad that another man satisfies your wife in a way you aren't allowed too? Does that bother you?" Jessica begins to lick my face.

"You should be thankful that there is someone who satisfies your wife. You're so pathetic you can't really expect me to be fulfilled by your puny cock, even if I did let you ever use it. No, your cock, such as it is, is only valuable as a little toy for my occasional amusement and distraction."

Jessica begins staring deeply into my eyes. "I can't decide which I enjoy more, having Paul's enormous cock thrusting deep inside me or knowing that you watching your wife get fucked hurts you. I think I like that better. I think I more enjoy knowing how much it burns you up inside. I love these moments with you obviously hurt that your wife delights in cuckolding you. Yes, I do believe that cuckolding you is even more delicious than being fucked by Paul."

Jessica starts kissing my face tenderly again. "You may begin licking Paul's cum out of my pussy."

I move down Jessica's body and place my face next to her beautiful pussy. I begin lightly kissing Jessica's just ravished pussy. It smells both sweet and salty. I begin kissing it gently and lightly begin licking Jessica's clitoris.

"Hmm, that feels nice."

I begin opening up her lips with my fingers as I start dipping my tongue into her freshly fucked pussy. Jessica spreads her legs further apart to open herself up more to me. After a few more moments she pulls me up to her face once more. I'm confused because I've only just started to clean her out.

Jessica begins talking to me in her little girl voice that she sometimes uses when she is going to be particularly mean.

"Poor little husband, his beautiful wife fucks another man and all he can do is lick her pretty pussy with all of his rival's spunk in it."

Jessica places her right index finger into her pussy and brings out a finger covered in Paul's cum. She looks at it for a minute.

"Is hubby hungry?"

I simply say "No" and shake my head.

"I think hubby's hungry. Here, I saved you some nice cream sauce. Lick it off my finger." Jessica places her finger up against my lips and then into my mouth. I dutifully lick her finger clean. Paul's cum tastes salty.

"Mmm, mmm good! Does hubby feel bad that his wife prefers another man to him?"

I nod.

"Does hubby feel just soooooooo frustrated that his wife gets to be fucked by another man and has sooooooo many orgasms when he isn't allowed to fuck his own wife and hasn't cum in over five years? Does that make hubby sad and frustrated?"

I nod.

"Poor hubby."

Jessica scoops out another fingerful of Paul's cum.

"Does hubby feel jealous of his wife's new lover? Does hubby feel bad that wife prefers to have another man's penis in her pussy instead of his? Does hubby feel bad that he's never ever going to be able to fuck his wife ever again?"

I nod.

"Poor hubby." Jessica inserts her cum covered finger in my mouth and starts to giggle.

"Mmmm Yummy! Hubby likes the taste of his wife's lover doesn't he?"

I shake my head no.

"Poor hubby. Poor sad, lonely, frustrated and cuckolded hubby. It's a good thing I saved you some spunk or you'd have nothing to show for tonight! See, I always have your best interests in mind."

Jessica scoops out another fingerful of Paul's cum.

"Poor hubby gets only two things to eat. His wife's lover's cum and his wife's pretty little asshole. Those are things that most husbands don't ever have to eat. But you, you have to eat them all the time. What kind of hubby are you?"

"I don't know."

"Oh, you can do better than that. Tell me what kind of hubby are you? I want to hear!"

"I don't know what you want me to say."

"What kind of hubby puts up with a wife who never lets him fuck her and never lets him cum? What kind of hubby lets his wife use him to clean her asshole and her pussy when it is full of another man's cum? What kind of hubby would that be?"

"A pathetic hubby?"

"That's better. A pathetic hubby! You get a prize for getting the right answer." Jessica pushes her cum covered finger into my mouth.

"See, when you humiliate and demean yourself for your wife's entertainment you'll always get a prize! Isn't that nice! Lucky hubby!"

Jessica scoops out another finger of cum from her pussy and holds it up in front of me the way an animal trainer holds a treat for a dog.

"Tell me what kind of hubby lets his wife always boss him around? What kind of hubby always does whatever his bitchy wife wants him to do no matter how horrible and mean and cruel? What kind of hubby is only allowed to eat his bitchy wife's asshole when she degrades and defiles him? What kind of hubby is that? Tell me, I want to hear!"

"A pathetic, weak, wimp of a husband. An emasculated and cuckolded husband. A totally dominated by his bitchy wife kind of a husband?"

"That's right! Now you get your treat!" Jessica inserts her finger into my mouth and I lick it clean.

"All gone! No more cum for you. Too bad! Let's see hubby's balls! I want to see how blue they've gotten!"

I stand by the side of the bed so that Jessica can inspect my balls. She moves over to within a few inches of them.

"Look how blue they are! They're so cute! Most men's balls aren't blue are they?" I shake my head no.

"Paul's balls aren't blue at all. They seem happier than your balls. Hubby's balls look sooooooo frustrated and sooooooo lonely. I guess they're lonely because they never get to do anything. They've been laid off! Get it! Laid off!" Jessica starts to laugh at her joke.

"That's so funny don't you think? I guess it's not as funny to you as to me. Oh well, I guess not cumming for over five years will do things to your sense of humor. If I can't laugh at you there's no point in being married to you."

Jessica notices the KTB chastity device.

"I forgot you're still wearing that mean device.'

"Can you take it off please, I think I've been through enough for one night." I say.

Jessica starts talking in her regular voice.

"Oh no, you haven't been through enough yet. I'll tell you when you've been through enough. Let's have some fun!"

Jessica pulls me on top of her.

"Start humping me with that thing on. I think that'll be fun!" I begin rubbing up against Jessica pussy. Or, at least as close as I can given that I'm wearing this cruel device. As I begin rubbing against Jessica's pussy my cock starts erecting and as soon as it does so does the pain. Jessica watches my face carefully for signs of pain. As soon as I start grimacing she begins giggling.

In her bitchiest voice Jessica says "I'm just trying to make you happy. See, everytime I try to make you happy you don't like it. I don't even know why I try anymore." Jessica rolls over to the side of the bed.

"I'm sorry honey. It just hurts so much when I get hard when I'm wearing this device."

Jessica rolls over a little bit. Still in her bitchiest voice says "Whatever, like I even give a shit what you think. I'm tired and I want to go to sleep. All that cuckolding has worn me out."

Whenever Jessica starts talking to me in that bitchy tone it always has a strange effect on me. It always makes me want to worship her ass.

"Jessica, may I please kiss your ass for a little while?"

"You're truly pathetic, you know that? Here I've been fucking another man all night. Then I make you wear that horrible device that bites your cock whenever you get hard. Then I make you eat Paul's cum. And then I make you humiliate yourself to me. And now you want to kiss my ass? You disgust me, you know that? For even asking I'm going to make you wear that device all night and no, you may not kiss my ass."

Jessica rolls over again so that she's facing away from me.

"But, you may kiss my ass cheeks for a little while if you like."

I eagerly move down so that my lips are at Jessica's ass level. I tenderly begin kissing each cheek reverently. I'm mesmerized by the closeness to her lovely puckered asshole. Even though this is all I'm allowed to do I'm doing it with all the passion of a desperate man. After about three minutes of this Jessica swats my face away with the back of her hand.

"Enough already, Jesus! You are such a pathetic excuse for a man. I don't know why I bother with you, honestly."

I pull myself up next to Jessica in the bed. She is still facing away from me. For a moment she looks at me and says "It's funny. I just realized that Paul has spent more time with his cock inside me than you have. I mean, you know, that brief time I let you fuck me before we got married. He has now spent a lot more time with his cock inside me than you ever had or ever will! Isn't that funny? I think it's so funny!"

I don't respond.

"Oh, well, I guess the jokes on you. As it will always be. Well, sweet dreams my poor pathetic wimp of a husband!"

Jessica rolls back over and falls asleep.

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