Idea for Tube Liner for Tollyboy/Jones/AD

Submitted by: Anon in Canada

Dear Altairboy,

I recently came across an inexpensive idea for a tube liner for Tollyboy/Jones male belts. This idea will effectively prevent the wearer from touching the tip of the penis and will also prevent problems caused by the tip of the penis rubbing against the urine drainage holes.

All that is required is to purchase a small sample size bottle of shampoo that will serve as the liner. I found one that fit perfectly at my local Wal-Mart for 99 cents. The brand name was Aussie Mega shampoo. The accompanying diagram will help to explain what is required to fit the liner in place.


Looking at step A of the diagram, first empty the shampoo from the bottle, then proceed to cut the threads off the neck portion of the bottle, leaving about 1/8 inch remaining as indicated by the arrow and dotted line. Discard the piece with the threads. Use some fine sandpaper to smooth out the edges where the cut was made. Second, cut off the bottom of the bottle approximately 1/16 inch from the bottom as indicated by the arrow and dotted line. This gives you a liner ready for installation.

Step B shows the liner installed but not yet trimmed. To install the liner, you must insert the top end of the liner into the bottom end of the tube. This is a little bit of a chore but it definitely will go in if you purchased the correct size bottle. Insert the liner until the top of the liner just reaches the top of the tube.

Step C shows the liner trimmed to the shape of the penis tube. Use a sharp jackknife or paring knife to trim off the excess liner protruding from the top. Once trimmed, again use sandpaper to round out the sharp edges on the inside top of the tube.

That is all there is to it. There are added benefits from using this liner. It shortens the length the penis can expand when becoming semi-erect and due to the fact that the liner is very smooth inside and practically the full width of the steel tube, very little discomfort will be felt. It also helps to direct the urine to the drain holes so there is less mess to clean up afterwards.

Sign me as anonymous from Canada.

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