Fantasy Chastity Story - Permanent Chastity

Fiction Submitted by: Craig

My wife and I have been married for about 15 years and in that time, we have never had a very active sex life. One thing or another is always taking priority. We probably make love 2 or 3 times a year. We both get most of our sexual release through masturbating. One night about a year ago we did get the chance to have sex.

It was really wonderful with my wife climaxing 4 or 5 times. After I climaxed with her for the last time, we held each other. After 3 or 4 minutes, she asked me if I liked the evening. I said that of course I did. She asked me what my favorite part, and I told her honestly that it was giving her pleasure, and see her enjoy herself through all the orgasms. We were silent for several more minutes and she asked me to tell her a fantasy.

I told her that my fantasy was to be made to be her sex slave. That I would be obligated to give her sexual pleasure any time, any where, and in any manner that she demanded. For my part as the slave, I could only receive sexual pleasure when she gave me permission and that I would have to obey her or be punished. We continued to hold each other for some time, then both fell asleep. The next morning life went on as usual and I had forgotten about telling her the story.

About three months later, the day before my birthday as we were going to bed, she handed me a present. It was a small box, beautifully wrapped with no card. As she handed it to me, she said that she had decided to give me a present a little early. I unwrapped the box and there was a box a hot wax for hair removal. I looked at it quizzically and then she spoke.

She said that she had been doing a lot of thinking since we last had sex, and decided that it would be real fun to have a slave, so if I was still interested, that she love to be my master. Well, I enthusiastically agreed. I told her that I didn't understand what the wax was for though.

She just smiled and then she told me that to be her slave would mean that she was no longer going to consider me a full man, just a service object. She said that this really wouldn't take too much imagination, since my penis was so small. She informed me that the reason we didn't have sex more often was that making love to a dick that was only 3 1/2 inches long when hard, just wasn't worth the effort. The wax she said was to remind me of my loss of masculine status and that we were going to start our adventure in a master / slave relationship by having all my body hair waxed off tonight.

We went out to the dining room and I saw that while I had been in the bathroom getting ready for bed, that she had been busy. Candles were lit around the dining room and there was a pillow on one end of the table. The table was covered in towels. She took the wax and put it into the microwave as she told me to climb up on the table. She tied my arms and legs to the four legs of the table. Now, completely vulnerable, with my cock fully erect and coming up to the top of my pubic hair, she asked me again if I really wanted to do this. I pleaded with her to please allow me to be her slave. Ok, she said, but remember later on that you did this voluntarily.

The wax was applied to my legs, chest and underarms. Then she got a pair of scissors and trimmed by pubes down to about ¼ inch and coated this area with wax also. Slowly, the wax was removed. Later I was made to turn over and my back side was waxed, and finally I had to kneel with my head down and the last bits of hair removed from around my recutm. I stood up and she asked me to feel how the new me felt. It felt really different, I was so smooth. She asked me what I though and I told her that I just loved the way being her slave felt.

She then had me service her orally. After she had experienced 3 or 4 orgasms, she asked me if I would like to enter her. I said YES. She said that that was too bad, since it would not be permitted. She also told me that I was no longer allowed to masturbate without her permission. She asked me if I was very horney and would like to relieve myslef. I again said that I would.

She reminded me that I needed to ask permission, so I said to her "may I please masturbate so that I can relieve myslef?", to which she responded "no" it is time for sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I was so horny from seeing her come so many times that I could not stand it anymore and went into the bathroom to relieve myself. Well, I guess I made a little too much noise, because the next thing I knew as I was mid stroke in barged my wife. She told me that it was pretty obvious I had not taken seriously her demands that I get permission first. She told me that I now had two choices, both of which had consequences.

We could forget about my being her slave and also forget about having anything to do with her sexually again, or she would put a chastity device on me that would keep me from being able to masturbate or have sex until she removed it. I thought for a minute or two and chose the chastity device. I had fantasized about being made to wear one for quite a long time, and now my dream was about to come true.

The next day, my birthday, I came home from work and there was my darling wife. She asked me to service her orally, which I did. Then she asked me if I remembered that I was going to be getting a chastity device. I answered "How could I forget" somewhat sarcastically. She asked me if I had masturbated while I was at work, which I replied that I had not. She then informed me that it was time to get my device and I was to get in the car.

She drove to a medical building and parked. We went up the elevator to the office of a Dr. Chris Rudkin, Urologist. The receptionist asked if she could help us, and my wife replied that I was here for my appointment with Dr. Rudkin for his chastity device installation. I could have died from embarrassment as several people in the waiting room stared at me. The receptionist went right along with registering me as though nothing were out of the ordinary. I took a seat and tried to hide myself in a magazine.

Soon I was called back and my wife came with me. As soon as I got to the exam room, the nurse told me to remove all of my clothing. I asked if I could please have a gown, to which the nurse replied that there was no need, everyone in the office had seen naked men before. I took off my clothing and sat on the exam table. The nurse took my blood pressure and temperature and asked the usual questions about drug allergies, etc. Then she had me lay down and took a ruler out and measured my penis. She smiled a bit and told me that I had just set an office record, that at 1 inch flaccid, I had the smallest penis they had seen. She asked me how big when I was erect and told me not to lie. I told her 3 1/2 inches and she said that I had just set a second office record.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and in walked a very beautiful blond woman. She introduced herself as Dr. Rudkin. She looked at my wife and asked if she was sure that she wanted me to have the kind of device they had spoken about. My wife responded that last night I couldn’t even a couple of hours without masturbating even after she had expressly forbidden me from doing this. Dr. Rudkin then said that male often had difficulty controlling their sexual urges unless they are properly forced into submission. Dr. Rudkin asked me if the procedure that was going to take place had been explained. There was no doubt from the way she said this that there was no question as to "If" the procedure of placing the device would take place. I told Dr. Rudkin that all I knew was that I would have to wear a chastity device, but I had no idea of any more specifics.

Dr. Rudkin explained that there were many devices that could be used, but that the most effective was an internal one. Unfortunately there were very few men who could wear these as anyone with an erect penis length of about 4 1/2 to 5 inches was too big for this method. Dr. Rudkin said that if there was ever a candidate for this type of device it was I.

She explained that the device was very simple. She would insert a rod with a large ball at one end down my urethra. She would make an incision between my legs behind the scrotum where the end of the rod would be pulled out. The ball on the end of the rod would prevent the one end from going down my penis. The rod would be pulled so that my penis would be pulled inside my body and a lock attached between my legs through a cross hole in the rod so that it could not be removed.

She explained that once the device was installed, erections would no longer be possible, hence eliminating the possibility of my having sex or masturbating. If my wife decided to give me sex or allow me the privilege of masturbating, all she had to do was to unlock the lock and slide the rod out of my penis and I could function as normal, then Dr. Rudkin said "almost".

She explained that once the hole was cut into my urethra, all urine and semen would be leaving my body through this new hole, not out the end of my penis as I had always been used to. She said that if we ever wanted me to father a child, the procedure was completely reversible by just removing the rod and sewing up the opening. Otherwise, I would from this point forward have to urinate while seated only and that when I did ejaculate, it would be a good idea to make suitable arrangements for my semen exiting via a different path.

Dr. Rudkin explained that if this type of device were put on a man with a larger penis, the first thing that would happen once they started to become aroused was that they would damage themselves and rupture the involuntary muscles of the penis. This could result in gangrene and the subsequent removal of the penis or death. Dr. Rudkin explained that in my case, these were not concerns since I was so small that there would be no difficulty performing the procedure on me.

Dr. Rudkin said that because this was a very specialized procedure, useful on so few men because of the size limitation, if my wife agreed, she would invite the entire staff in to watch so that it could be used as a training example. My wife readily agreed. I was now beyond mortified. What had I gotten myself into, but I was determined to be my wife's slave and was very excited about wearing a chastity device.

Dr. Rudkin called her staff in, who were all women. She described the procedure as a simple urethral transection posterior to the scrotum to provide resectioning and restraint of the abductor penile muscles and associated facia. Dr. Rudkin complemented my wife on her through job of preping me for the operation. My informed the good Dr. that this was not a prep job, but that I was no longer going to be wearing body hair since I was really not a male anymore.

Dr. Rudkin asked my wife what depiliation method had been employed, to which my wife responded "waxing". Dr. Rudkin said that she could recommend a good dermatologist for when my wife decided to remove my hair on a permanent basis. I was now very curious about this doctor, so I asked her if chastity device installation was a specialty of hers. She responded that all urologists do a few of them, she seemed to get 2 or 3 a month, but did not perform and internal restraint like what she was doing on me but every couple of years. She said that more and more wives were having enforced chastity done to their husbands for a number of reasons, but that it still was not all that common.

Dr. Rudkin said that it was time to begin my procedure. How do you like that, having an act performed on you which will completely change your life referred to as "your procedure". Dr. Rudkin started injecting my pubic area with anesthetic, Then she started scrubbing the area in preparation for performing the surgery.

Finally, she removed a stepped rod from its sterile container. She explained that the size a urethra could be stretched to was an individual thing, and that it was completely independent of how long a penis was. I turned out to have a fairly large urethra, so I guess something about my penis is at least approaching average size. The doctor then requested a 6 mm rod, which she lubricated with sterile lube and inserted into my penis.

I really couldn't feel a thing. Then I felt some pressure as the incision was made. The doctor used the rod so that the incision had no chance of penetrating up into my prostate or other organs. The rod was withdrawn form my penis, and the Doctor started to cauterize the incision so that the edges would heal quickly. Next she took the actual chastity kit which had rods of several diameters.

She explained that she wanted to insert the largest rod she could so that urine would not be running up the end of my urethra. I felt as she inserted a 7 mm rod with about a 1/2 inch diameter ball on the end I felt as the doctor continued to push as the ball reached the end of my penis to drive my penis inside my body. I finally heard a click as the lock was installed. There was a cheer from the staff. The Dr. explained that they had all had their husbands put into chastity devices for control and they were always very happy to see another male under control.

I went home and my wife asked me if I liked my birthday present. I responded by hugging closely and kissing her deeply. I said that it was the greatest birthday present I have ever had.

Tonight my wife asked me how I was enjoying being her slave. I told her that it was beyond my greatest dreams or fantasies. She asked me if there was anything I would change about my situation if I could. I responded that the only thing I really did not like was having to wax all my body hair each month to keep myself smooth. My wife asked me if I wanted to grow the hair back, which I responded absolutely not, I love being all smooth. If I had hair, I would be too much like an unmodified and untrained man. My wife asked me what I wanted to do.

When I told her that I thought it was time to make an appointment with the dermatologist so that I could start getting laser treatments to permanently remove the hair so that we would never again be bothered by it, my wife just looked at me and smiled. She gave me a big hug and said "I love you".

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