Inexpensive Chastity Tube

Submitted by: TR

Hi Altairboy,

let me say first, your site is a really great one! I look continuously at your site to see new ideas in chastity equipment. But there are not many new things in the category "home built", so here is a new idea for a permanent male chastity device, that only costs 3 Dollars + a good padlock.

How its made? Out off a normal PP - Pipe, with a inner diameter of 35mm and a total length of 15cm. I just cut it in this easy form with a saw (see the picture). The edges are rounded by heating the material (The material is called PP - poly prophylen- its suitable for food). The clamp is bought in the do-it-yourself-shop, too. It is a clamp for fence-poles. It is coated with plastic. That is all there is to it!

n90109.jpg But, I must admit it was not so easy to find the right clamp. I mean the right clamp width. But for one who wants to build it, like me, if you are unable to find the right clamp, ask in the do-it-yourself-shop for punched or perforated steel ribbon that is plastic-coated (in German called "Lochband"). If you don not understand what i mean, take a look at the picture. With this, it is easier to find the right size because you can change it easily by securing it in another hole.

But the clamp that i use, is more comfortable and safe. The device is very good to wear. I wear mine for about 2 weeks, permanent. And i have had no problems. There is no pinching and i really can not get out of it without the key. And i can wear it under normal clothes.

If you have the right pipe and clamp, you can build it in 15 minutes.

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