My Final Design

Submitted by: MT

You don't really believe that subject do you :)

I find that the technical difficulties of attempting to make a comfortable, escape proof device to be a fun and absorbing hobby, when I have spare time.


My latest design (final?) is a later generation "Dolphin" that I mentioned to you previously. Although, it has lost all resemblance to a Dolphin, or any other animal. It is very similar in concept to another homemade device that George, I think, sent you. He used an athletic cup with a tube stapled to it, held in place by a U bolt.

What I've done is cut a piece of plastic plumbing pipe to a length of about 3 inches. I had to use 1 1/2 inch pipe. I tried to use 1 1/4 inch but I could not force myself through that narrow diameter. I tend to "rattle" around in the 1 1/2 inch diameter, so I added a piece of the white, closed cell, foam. Basically I slip into the pipe then I can stretch and thin my penis enough to insert the 1/4 inch thick foam. The foam positions my penis securly, which aids in urination, and pads the back edge of the opening to prevent cutting or chafing. It fills the bottom half of the pipe and extends to just behind the head of my penis.

To hold this securly in place, I have vacuum formed 1/4 inch clear plastic around the pipe. The front is rounded, similar to a penis, at the rear the plastic drops straight down to occlude the upper half of the pipe, then makes a 90 degree turn towards the body for about 1/2 inch. The clear plastic has two rectangular shafts, on each side of the penis, to accept a plastic U bolt. The U bolt slips around the testicles and holds everything in place. I added padding around the U bolt for comfort. One hole in the U bolt for a lock and the device is complete. The rectangular shaft holds the other side in place. I can push the U Bolt down about 1/4 inch. The pipe fits SNUGLY into the vac-formed piece, so it is impossible to remove the pipe with the U bolt on.

This design is difficult to get out of when unlocked, so from a security standpoint, I feel I've reached my goal.

I've attached a drawing I made, I hope it comes through. Let me know what you think.


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