Female Chastity From Geintal Piercings

Submitted by: April

I want to share my story of being locked. I am a former model and mother of 2 kids. Last year after my second child, I realised that I don't want anymore kids. I decided to mark it with the piercing of my nipples. My nipples to my surprise became much more sensitive and much larger.

My husband became rather interested in my nipple piercings and got into the act by learning more about it through videos and books. All this was then translated into my inner labia piercing by him. I must say that the rush involved in a piercing is incredible. It is pleasure one the one hand and excruciating pain on the other. The outcome is a piece of metal on sensitive areas of the body.

Next came my outer labia which I remember to be rather messy and painful as my husband isn't quite good at it. I enjoyed it immensely. New metal attached that is. I then decided I wanted my clit pierced. It was a most painful pierce but the most practical.

After that I have had numerous rings pierced on my labias and other parts. It is then that the thought of chasity came in. My husband was away about 2-3 days a week on business and I pledge my loyalty to him. This does not mean I can't play with myself just that I wouldn't give myself half a chance with another man.

We fashioned 3 pieces of metal to sandwich the labias. The middle piece is actually a rectangle with a 1.5cm space in between for bodily functions and inner labia. The metal pieces are 8cm in length and 3 cm wide. On the metal pieces, there are 20 .5cm holes. As I enjoy being pierced very much and not having permanent pierces, what we did was to pierce numerous holes on my outer and inner labia with studs that has a hole on each end. This was then lined with a thin chain and locked. When my husband comes back I am unlocked and the holes are allowed to heal and then we can pierce and lock again.

We have been doing this for the past 3 months and the last 3 weeks we have used up all the holes by piercing 20 holes that penetrate the outer and inner labias each time. Now my husband sets 2-3 hours the night before to complete the piercings before he leaves.

The only problem I face now is that the piercings being too many don't heal quite as fast and I am quite raw most times but enjoy it. Recently, for added pleasure, I bought a sparkler which I insert into the urethra and vagina for stimulation when locked. Its a great device and when I turn up the power when inserted in the urethra, I can get an orgasm and lose control of my bladder from the pain.

We will be making a larger metal device soon.


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