Chastity Belt Made From Howitzer Shell

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Thanks for publishing a great website! Here is short TRUE story about a belt I made some time back. Hope you will find it of some use...

The Chastity belt in question was built of brass recovered from the spent casing of a 155mm howitzer shell. First I cut off a cross section of the casing some fourteen inches deep. The diameter of this short tube was of course larger than the projectile it was built to house, some seven inches. I then cut across this section and flattened the tube to a sheet that was one quarter inch thick. I had no-one in mind when I drew up the plans to build it, and did not finish it of until I had found a buyer. This was over ten years ago, and I knew no-one who might be interested in such a device. By chance I passed a shop window in nearby Southport (a seaside town). On display was a crude black metal chastity belt for sale at twenty pounds. I chatted with the shop owner and told him of my half completed device. He said he knew someone who might be interested, and a couple of days later I had a phone call. I met this guy, also from Southport, and he introduced his wife. He asked for more information on the belt I was building and I offered to bring it to show him, (I had no proper drawn plans). He loved it and offered me cash there and then.

The Chastity Belt was built of a single front section which included its integral lock. Flexible brass belting, a left and right side, was fixed to a section that rested in the small of the back. The other ends of these two belt pieces formed the tongues of the adjustable lock. This belt was constructed of rectangular flat brass links which were joined together in a hinged arrangement. The number of links used provided a method of increasing or decreasing the waist size of the belt in two inch jumps, each link was one inch wide and links were added or subtracted in pairs, one to the left and one to the right. A further size adjustment was possible at the point of locking, of between zero and two inches.

The belt links were one and a half inches deep, and from the centre of one long edge a quarter inch section one half inch high was cut. The other long edge bore an extension of the same size that fitted exactly into the cutting of the next link. The links were drilled so that a hardened steel hinge pin joined each pair. These pins were one and a quarter inches long and so were lost within the drilling. A brass plug was brazed in place at each end and finished, to disguise the joint, and prevent withdrawal of the pin. This pinning and brazing had to wait of course until the required waist size, and therefore the number of links, was known. I did explain to my buyer that after completion any alteration would be difficult to accommodate.

The rear panel of this chastity device was merely an anchor for the pair of belt sides and for a similar but much narrower (one half inch) belt that linked to the base of the main section. It was a simple triangular brass section with cut-outs on its three sides to link by the same hinge pins, to the flexible belts.

The main section of my work was of course the business part. It was cut in the form of a heart shape where it would lie against the wearers abdomen, but the tail of the heart was extended down and outwards to form a stretched ovoid shape that covered the genitals and then curved between the legs where it was sliced and then opened out to provide a framing for the anus. One inch above this point it was joined permanently to the half inch belt that reached to the small of the back. Size adjustment was also possible via this section.

The heart shape at the front was built up into three layers. The mid layer was the working part of the device. From it was cut the two channels that would accept the belt tongues, and into it the locking forks and springs were built. I will try next to explain how this locking device worked, and include the special procedure required to unlock the belt, which was not just the simple insertion and turning of a key.

Cut into both edges of each belt tongue were six serration's that had to pass beyond moveable spring loaded cams. The serrated sections were so cut, that whatever grooves held the cams, there was no lateral movement (play) in the channel. I built a lock with three levers from an old mortice lock, and cut a brass key with a heart shaped end to match the levering. When the key was turned to the right, the levers rotated a disk which needed to be held in a certain position for all four cams to be moved against their springing, until they were clear of the serration's. But this alone would not release the belt.

The flats of the two tongues were drilled with 4mm holes that were spaced to match the serration's on their edges. The Chastity Belt was locked on the wearer simply by inserting the two waist belt forks into the channels in the front section. The cams clicked past each set of serrations until the fit was right. The key provided was then turned to the left, and this deposited a pin with a chamfered end into the matched hole of each tongue. The only way to release these pins was to insert and twist a pair of short, half round rods into a pair of holes drilled one inch away from the lock, in the underside of the heart shaped section. It can thus be seen that without intimate knowledge of the build, or a short lesson, removal of the belt without it being broken into, was nigh impossible. The three layers of this section were riveted together with countersunk brass rivets I had made.

The section of the chastity belt that covered the sex was drilled and filed to include an ornate integral grid that would resist the smallest of fingers, yet allow for the egress of urine. More drilling and filing was done to cut the buyers initials "JT" in the back plate. The belt was finished by the drilling of countless holes around the edges. I broke three 1mm drills and re-sharpened others countless times on this part. These holes carried the waxed stitching that held the soft grey padded leather to all edges of the device, including the top and bottom of each separate link of the waist belt.

I built this thing over a period of four months and sold it for two hundred and forty pounds sterling, back when that was a princely sum. I add that it was built without the knowledge of any family member, in the shed at the bottom of my garden. I was at the time fabricating lots of other stuff from brass, such a house numbers and house names. This hid the real purpose of my labours.

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