Plastic Chastity Belt Design

Submitted by: Mark

To skip my history and go straight to design details of my belt see the section below, My Design and Problems

For the last couple of years I have been off and on obsessed with the idea of making a plastic chastity device. I've come close several times, but discovered a flaw each time. Actually, on the last attempt, I sent AB a sample and he discovered the flaw. It seems all of my designs are weak /escapable at the point where the penis and body join. Once you get out of any of my devices you can't get back in, so you would be discovered, but still it wasn't the perfect device I was hoping for.

My design criteria are, comfort, no very tight belts, and complete freedom of movement. (I spend a reasonable amount of time crawling around on the floor). The Birdcage or my rip-offs of the idea would seem to meet these criteria, however, night time erections HURT. AB pronounced the pain level acceptable on the earlier sample that I sent him, well he's a better man than I. So prevention of erections was added to my list of criteria.

On my earlier attempts, I felt that if I could just arrange a belt system that would pull the device towards the body, it would close the gap that was allowing me to escape. However, this lead to other problems, i.e. very tight belts and pressure points in my groin that were unacceptable. Lately I've been working with using a U bolt to hold the device on, but was stumped on how to lock it on. I replaced the U bolt with a medium weight dog choker collar, a chain. It worked. I can get a lock through the links(a little filing to enlarge the openings was required) and I can pull the chain up against my body and get a pretty exact fit. The belt is snug, but not cutting around my back, in front it's actually loose. But I can't pull the device far enough away from my body to get out of it.

My wife has allowed me to sleep in it for the last two nights, something she wouldn't consider previously. The first night, with no belts to pull the device close to my body, I woke up in agony, those night time erections are a real problem for me. I had to remove the device. Last night, using belts, it worked like a charm. The device stopped the erections well before the painful stage. Before going to sleep, we cuddled in the "spoon" position, she felt no objectionable hard plastic pressed up against her, just my thighs against her rear. As this was a major objective of hers, I got her stamp of approval.

I've been after her to lock me up for some time, why I want this I have no idea, so now it looks like I'm going to get my wish. She's going out today to buy some locks. One for the chain around my genitals and one for the waist belt. In the past, I always had an "emergency" key. There has been absolutely no discussion of that this time. She's going to get combination locks and has already said I can call her if it's a true emergency. I expect to be locked up 24/7 for the foreseeable future, my current schedule calls for two cleaning/inspections a week, possibly decreasing with experience. She knows that keeping me horny will make me more submissive and compliant, and now she seems to be aggressively heading in that direction. Every now and then life is good.

My Design and Problems

It started a couple of years ago, when I decided to make a chastity device out of plastic because A) I have a plastic forming workshop and B) I'm too cheap to pay for a good existing device that is currently being marketed. After literally dozens of designs and three different types of plastic, I think I've got what I was looking for. Oh, and it would have been less expensive to buy a Jones belt, but then I would have missed all the fun of trying to build a better mouse trap.

My design criteria were:

The components are:

The penis sheath looks very much like a cross between the Goethals sheath and the Access Denied sheath. It is made of 1/4 inch thick clear plastic. It's a flattened tube with a top piece that extends along the top of the penis. But it is slightly curved. It's 1.5 inches wide by 1.25 inches tall. On the top and sides, it's 5.5 inches long, from the pubic bone to the tip of the sheath, interior length is 5.25 inches. On the bottom, next to the testicles, a U shaped opening reduces the length to 3 inches. At the top of the sheath, there is a near 90 degree turn 1.5 inches from the pubic bone. The shape is similar to an upside down L, where the long portion is slightly curved. The sheath is just under an inch longer than my "normal" flaccid state, and a touch wider. The extra space makes it easier to slip in and provides a space to keep urine away from the penis. A 3/8 inch hole is the main opening for urine to escape, but there are 3 smaller holes drilled to help any trapped urine escape.

I used a medium weight dog's choker collar to encircle my genitalia and pass through two holes drilled into the top of the sheath to hold everything in place. The chain pulls the testicles up against my penis and blocks escape. By slightly enlarging the openings in the links of the chain I am able to pass a lock through the links. The chain is covered with a very soft orthopedic, closed cell foam. This is absolutely necessary for long term comfort.

The waist belt has four chains hanging from it. They attach just behind the front of my pelvic bone. The two in the front go down to the top of the sheath, while the two in the rear circle my ass and go to the bottom of the chain around my genitalia. This pulls the chain up against my body and prevents any escape. It also prevents erections, since the sheath is now fairly immobile and my penis is held pointing down. The waist belt is snug, but not cutting, across my back, in fact i can pull it away from my body by a couple of inches. In front, its positively loose. I chose to use cotton for the waist belt for comfort reasons. I may have to go back to nylon or even a chain if it takes to long to dry after a shower. Waist belt is probably not a good description, it actually rides rather low on my hips, its primary purpose is to provide an anchor point for the four chains.

The main problem with this design, is a new mold has to be made for each attempt at forming the plastic into the correct shape, so it is not commercial in the normal sense. Other plastic forming techniques, such as blow molding, would probably work better, but since I am not equipped for that process it's not an option for me.

The total metal content of this device could be reduced to zero by replacing all chains with nylon straps, and replacing the two locks, one for the chain around the genitalia and one for the waist band, with cable ties. These ties could then be secured with an epoxy plumbers putty that could have a seal or design impressed into it. Escape is always possible by cutting the nylon straps.


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