Oliver's Kastley Chastity Belt

Submitted by: Norbert

Hi Altairboy:

Recently, you have had some reports about unreliable manufacturers of Chastity Belts. Here is what happened to my friend, Oliver.

He ordered a cb from Kastley Germany. It is a chromium plated brass device with a lot of hinges (8) and two locks. The procedure with this type of cb is as follows.

  • You send in your measurements and some of the cash.
  • You get your belt in an unfinished state to test fit. It is not yet chromium plated and the hinges are fixed to the other pieces with tiny nuts and bolts.
  • You try it on for size, decide on any necessary alterations and send it back with the rest of the cash.
  • Then you get it back. The screws are replaced by rivets and everything is chromium plated and in top condition.

This somewhat elaborate procedure normally produced good fitting cbs and happy customers although this sending back and forth produced quite some delay.

Now Oliver seems to have waited a bit too long with the sending back of the unfinished belt, because the manufacturer that was behind this lost interest in the whole project. They have stopped selling these belts because of problems with the manufacturer.

Kastley said they would find a new manufacturer to complete the cb. He got it back chromium plated but the screws were still in. Then I remembered that my friend Klaus used to do this cb business before he handed it over to Kastley. We contacted him and he promised to get it ready using his direct connection to the manufacturer. But he too hadn't any luck with him. Another year or more went by and nothing happened. In the end Oliver still had his unfinished belt.

As you know from my previous e-mails I have some experience in building my own cb devices. So I put my vice, power drill, saw, file, hammer... in my bag and went on the 3 hours train journey to Oliver's place. That bag was very heavy...

And in an afternoon's and evening's work I took out the screws and replaced them with rivets one by one. 32 in all.

After finishing the waist band we tried the crotch piece for fit and Oliver again wanted some alterations made. His original measurements can't have been worth much. Temporarily putting the pieces together and trying for size in an iterative process we arrived at a final measurement and that was that.


You should have seen Oliver's face. He was smiling all over. He had missed the feeling of the cb for more than two years. He really is happy now. Seeing his face was well worth the whole effort.

not1103b.jpg jfront.jpg The last job I did then was to restore a used female cb to its original form. The guy who sold it to Oliver had replaced the brass side pieces of the waist band with leather strips (to increase wearing comfort?). The worst part was I had to leave it behind when I left. I would have loved to keep it. The picture on the right can be seen elsewhere on your website (note0321.htm). It was taken before the chromium plating was put on. Not only is it the same make, it is actually the same specimen.

I really enjoyed myself doing it because I never worked as an intimate locksmith before. Could be the job I was always dreaming of.

Historical note: This belt design was first sold some years ago under the name of Martin Koehler. Then my friend Klaus took over using the name Chantal. Then he passed this business on to Kastley, who used some other manufacturer for a period of time. This design is no longer sold by Kastley.

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