Creative Use of Lock for Chastity

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I thought you might enjoy this piece of non fiction. I have found it interesting reading about individuals who have by their own design become someone's personal eunuch. I had read and wondered what it would be like to have your sexuality under someone else's control.

Several weeks ago she and I were talking about medieval times with a friend and they made a joking statement about enforced chastity via chastity belts. At first I laughed at her suggestion that a chastity device would be much easier to install on the male than the female. "Why must it always the female that wears one? They must be so much easier and sanitary to fit on the male."

When I advised her that they were too complicated, she said she could achieve male chastity using a master lock. So I did someting wrong - I dared her. Leave it to my wife of nearly 30 years, a woman with a strong engineering background.

After measuring she went to the hardware store and found a model of lock that fit me perfectly. At first I could, by putting lotion on the tip of my penis remove it. Then she had me make a "saddle that was epoxied onto the lock body to make the fit more secure.. (the saddle is a "M" shaped inset that is epoxied on the body to the lock to insure security, while preserving one's ability to urinate. I can assure you this device, once locked in place, cannot be removed. An erection is out of the question as the pain is considerable.

She had a yeast infection and wanted me to save it all up for her. I agreed, and I waited three days to resume normal sex.. But when she saw me with an erection, she placed the lock on me. I told her that I could still masturbate with the device in place and demonstrated.

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The next day she had the cure. As you can see in the photo, she had a friend who is a welder add four rings onto the lock. One on the body of the lock, which she advised me is for a leash, and three on the bail of the lock are to prevent manipulation of the penis.

We went to our first adult haloween party, and she took me as her slave, dressed only in leg irons, handcuffs and the device. The picture was taken at the party and displayed on a 56 inch monitor after someone asked how easy it was to remove and how secure was it once it locked. After the lock clicked shut, she removed the key and tugged on the leash. I was paraded at the party as her pet. Believe me with a leash attached to the ring on the body of the lock one is easily led! That was not a comfortable experience, but it did illustrate her point.

Since its contruction I have worn the device for as much as a week while she was away on business. I had been unaware of how tremendously erotic wearing such a device could be. It is a constant, teasing reminder of your own denied sexuality. It also improves my preformance for I am now saving it all for her. It is amazing how well you can perform after being teased, required to orally service your mate, and being unable to do anything more.

It is not noticeable under street or casual clothing, but one must avoid aiports and metal detectors. I could not imagine having to explain that!

Since the party last weekend she has been asked to make 15 others for friends and other wives that were at the party. It looks as if we may have a new business going. She is selling them with a sheet of instructions for $37.50. They are custom fitted and after the saddle is in place they are covered in plastic dip to prevent irritation. I have been advised that I will be welding them together.

My wife has come up with one further modification. After we returned home from the Halloween party she took a small brass bell and padlocked it to the ring on the body of the lock. Now every step I take is announced, every move I make while I'm sleeping is announced. Its fun and erotic as all hell. Every step you take when you're nude the unit gently tugs and teases, I guess it's like the continuous stimulation a female must experience from a Ben Wa ball set.

It is fun, unique, and erotic as hell to place yourself and your sexuality under someone else's control; it requires love, faith and trust.


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