Safety of PVC for Chastity Devices

Taken from several E-mails

Someone wrote me privately:

I wanted to write with a comment on your recent item sent in about a PVC-based chastity device. I'm not completely sure, but I suspect PVC tubing may not be a safe material to use for such purposes. I know some of the oils/materials used in making industrial PVC are poisonous, and it is unsafe for eating/drinking off of, so I would be wary of keeping it in contact with one's genitals for long periods of time. Some sort of interior "sheath" might help things out.

Someone else offered this comment in reply:

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is a very durable, versatile material, but not suitable for all applications. In most cases its reasonably inert, but it will react with and degrade in the presence of chlorinated hydrocarbons and some of the daughter compounds can have adverse health effects under extended dermal exposure or if ingested. One compound used in the manufacture of PVC is VCM (vinyl chloride monomer) which is some pretty nasty stuff. However, if the PVC is thoroughly washed with a detergent then I believe it should be safe for short-term applications. I can't say how long you'd have to be locked in a PVC chastity device to develop a significant cancer risk, but I believe it would take a lot longer than hours or days.

And yet another offered this additional comment:

I won't comment on the chemical makeup of PVC (Poly-Vinyl-Chloride) and how safe it is in regards to contact with skin, but it's COUNTER-PART...CPVC (Chlorinated-Poly-Vinyl-Chloride) shouldn't have ANY problems. The easy way to tell the difference between the two... PVC is white, CPVC is beige.

This prompted two additional comments, first:

I just wanted to drop you a line concerning the use of PVC in chastity belts. The comments on your page indicate that there may be chemicals involved in the manufacture of PVC that could be harmful to the skin or if ingested, but remember, PVC is widely used and recommended for water pipes! If it is safe to carry drinking water, how dangerous could it be? Also, one person mentions using CPVC, but it is my understanding that the beige pipes are NOT recommended for drinking water use. I am not an expert on the manufacture of these items, but their recommended uses would indicate that plain, white PVC should be safe.

And finally:

Here is where a little knowledge is not always best. In your recent posting "Safety of PVC for Chastity Devices", several cautioned the safety of PVC due to the manudacturiing process/chemicals and the "daughter" compounds.

I submit that while the manufacturing chemicals and breakdown chemicals are indeed substances that one does not to ingest, they have nothing to do regarding the final product. PVC is safely used to pipe potable water in commercial as well as domestic applications. CPVC is used for hot water as PVC won't take the temperature.

If the comments you published were indeed valid, then those stating them should give very serious thought to how the "rubber" (be it natural or synthethic) edgeings and paddings of stainless steel chasity belts are manufactured and their chemisty. Further they should be concerned about common substances that makeup our bodies and we ingest daily.

The daughter elements of common table salt are sodium and chlorine. Both, as individual substances will kill you in a heartbeat.

I submit tthat the comments are from a few with just a little bit knowledge and they do not know the entire picture of their concerns. My recommendation to all, is stick with what you, personnally are comfortable with and if a problem developes, remove it.

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