Three Home Built KTB Rings

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Dear Altairboy,

Below is a JPEG of three homemade KTB rings, one in rubber, one in steel and another in brass. All three models rest at the base of the penis.

ktb123.jpg The rubber model was devised from a garage door wheel, the part that runs along the metal guide rail. Simply screw in pointy screws and voila! This model is readily adjustable for more or less intensity. It can also be removed from an erect cock simply by unscrewing the screws. By using screws with different heads removal by the slave becomes more of a challenge.

The steel model was fabricated from a metal hoop purchased in a hardware store. With a drill press holes were punched around the perimeter. Small finishing nails were inserted and soldered into place. The heads are directed inward rather than the points. Erections and masturbation are painful, but the skin remains intact.

The brass model was fabricated from a ring used to support wooden closet rods. With a pair of tin snips the teeth were cut out. Because of the inclination of the teeth, slipping on the ring is quite easy. Removal is altogether another matter. Erections are very painful and masturbation is almost impossible. The teeth really dig in and pierce the skin. The result is a decorative circle of red dots around the penis which take a week or two to completely disappear. The three holes can also be used to attach the ring to a harness made of chains.

For additional amusement, the brass and steel versions could be affixed using Krazy Glue. The metal bonds with the skin and pubic hair. It can take up to a week for the glue to loosen enough to enable removable. The pubic hair will have to be cut ensuring that removal can not go unnoticed.

These rings can also be used in conjunction with standard CB's. Someone wearing these rings must not be engaged in any activity requiring full control and concentration, such as driving or operating machinery. Upon erection the teeth kick in and assume full control. Even trying to move or walk makes the situation worse.

I really enjoy your site Altairboy.

Keep up the great work!

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