Tip for improving waistbelt comfort

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Hi, Altairboy!

I've been reading the information on your site for well over a year, now (probably first found the site around November, 1996). Thanks to you, I'm the proud owner/wearer of one Access Denied belt, which my SO alternates with a very nice chastity jock from Fetters/Mr. S.

Here is a tip you can post to your website, but please don't use my name or email address.:

On the AD belt, because of my build I find the neoprene padding on the waistband to be inadequate. (Plus, I seem to react to the neoprene a little, on occassion). The solution I've found is to use four "automobile seatbelt strap cushions" for additional padding. These cushions are designed to wrap around the shoulder strap of a seatbelt. They're available from Grand Auto Supply for about $3.50-4.00 each, and are foam pads with a black nylon covering. The pad folds over the belt, then seals to itself with Velcro. Four pads cover the entire circumfrence, and the velcro allows openings for the ass chains. The pads are removable without taking the belt off, for bathing, then go back on afterwards.

Note that Grand Auto also sells a version in "sheepskin," but these don't work nearly as well and are far more prominant. Plus, they shed. Since I wear my street pants with suspenders, and the belt line just at the chastity belt's waistband, the nylon pads aren't noticible at all. (yes, that's a tiny bit higher than most guys wear their pants, but I've got a pot belly and so can get away with a slightly higher rise).

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